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Chapter 137 –Like a Pony– Raine's POV

Two weeks had gone by...since Cage died.

Just two weeks...but it felt like years..

Of pain.

Echo had decided to return home to run the country I had no interest in governing. York had died in the crossfire and Queen Ileana's whereabouts were unknown. In the chaos, Echo's men hadn't been able to confirm if she had made it out alive.

And Talon, Marku and I had settled into somewhat of a routine. Talon kept watch over me during the day while Marku did whatever he did, and Marku took care of me each night.

Today they needed to feed me. Always a challenge. After I tried to kill each of my previous meals and almost overpowered Talon, Marku had taken additional steps to ensure my safety and that of my meals.  He didn't like the idea of Talon using brute force against me, nor did he want me restrained with silver, so Killian had been brought in to force me half way to sleep if needed, keeping me conscious enough to eat but too groggy to put up a fight.

Killian sat perched on the back of the couch, his wings fluttering occasionally to keep his balance. He studied me carefully, his amber pupils always watchful. "How do you feel, little one?"

"How do you think I feel?" I snarled.

I wasn't having a good day.

His lips were set in a thin line.

The door to my suite opened and three large male pets were brought in. They eyed me warily, having personally experienced my fits of rage in the past, but Marku continued to use them because they were the strongest pets he had.

They were clothed  from the waist down and their collars removed.  I didn't have much control when the bloodlust kicked in. After I had mounted the first one, and rode him like a pony, grinding my core against his instant erection, Marku had jerked my body away from the pet and quickly incorporated a strict dress code of pants for the pets, going forward.

When I wasn't trying to kill them, I focused on not forcing pleasure on them, but wasn't always successful there either. Marku thought it completely unnecessary to be concerned with their discomfort, and wanted them to wear cock rings to avoid a mess, but I had insisted they be allowed to relieve themselves when we were done, or just come in their pants if they couldn't hold off until I was finished. Talon's years of enduring Seraphine's sexual torture made him very sympathetic to this particular aspect of feeding time.

The first pet dutifully sat on the couch next to Killian's legs. Talon carried and settled me down next to him. The pet clenched his hands into fists. His heart rate accelerated, causing my fangs to snap through my gums. My eyes bled crimson.  Instantly, I growled and jumped on his lap, straddling him, forcing him back against the couch.  He stared at me with wide eyes, the scent of fear coming off of his body. I traced his full lips with a clawed finger, causing him to shudder hard. My vision hazed even more red as power and blood lust rocked through me. I pushed forward with my pelvis, causing a gasp to release deep from his throat.  I gave him a wicked smile and moved my finger to trace his carotid artery down his neck. He shivered.

Killian looked down at me and tsk'd, "Do not play with your food."

I snarled up at him, annoyed with his interference. And then I froze. Hmm...I wondered what his blood tasted like. Without warning, I launched myself up and knocked his body off the back of the couch, tumbling over the edge and landing on top of him.

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