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Chapter 108 – Stop Imagining Me Naked – Raine's POV

Rather than let Marku lead the conversation, I got right to the point. Well, at least my point. I didn't really care what he wanted. I was done waiting and demanded, "I want Seraphine now."

He smirked, "It's clear you are eager to make her acquaintance but why don't you sit down first and get comfortable? Please join me." He motioned to the very large chair next to him.

I hesitated.

I knew what that chair indicated. It was the highest authority on his right side. It was meant for his queen. Who I certainly wasn't. I remembered his earlier words while we fought in the woods. He had offered to give me that title if I wanted it, if it would make me agree to be with him...I was amazed to realize they hadn't just been words, a ploy for my affection. It was clear he was more than willing to consider me for the role.

While he may be perfectly fine with it, I doubted Queen Adorna would. I did not know where his mate was at the present moment, but her distaste for me had been evident at the Alliance Meeting. I guessed I might feel the same way if my husband ordered me to distract someone, so that he could get closer to another female.

"Um, why don't I just sit on one of these couches over here?" I suggested and pointed in the general direction of the seating about ten feet behind me.

He rolled his eyes. "Nonsense, there is no reason we should try to hold a conversation across the room from each other."

His nonchalant tone helped. It didn't sound like he placed too much meaning in the chair. And his suggestion made sense. Maybe I was just over-thinking it. I walked slowly toward him. Talon followed closely and stood at my side when I reached the intimidating chair. I settled down into it, surprised at how comfortable it was.

Marku's eyes gleamed. His voice was low and sensual as he purred, "You look lovely there."

Oh shit. He did put more meaning into it. Well, I was here now and not going to make an idiot out of myself by jumping down and running back across the room, so I just sucked it up and demanded shortly, "Seraphine."

He turned to York and asked sarcastically, "I suspect you have no problem obtaining Seraphine and returning her back to us?"

"No, my lord. We will obtain her directly." York gave a hard nod and disappeared out the door. After he left, an awkward silence fell over the room.

I stared at Marku, unsure what to say next. He seemed content to just look at me with his mouth curled in a very satisfied smirk. I snapped, "You can get that cat-ate-the-canary grin right off of your face. I have no intention of being your fucking canary again."

He laughed. His eyes gleamed and his voice lowered seductively. "You know...that is the second time you have mentioned me going down on you. Do you have a little itch you would like me to scratch, love? I would be happy to lay you down on that table right now and feast on your pussy."


I held my palm toward him and scowled, "I'm sure you would, but no, there will be no feasting."

He chuckled, completely ignoring my sour expression. "We'll see."

He held out his hand and murmured, "Phone?"

I looked at him in confusion.

He nodded down toward my hand that still clutched his phone.

"Oh" I muttered and handed it to him.

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