Chapter dedicated to ItsJustAYoyo

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Chapter dedicated to ItsJustAYoyo. Thanks for reading and always keeping me entertained with your comments, my friend!

Chapter 109 – Suitable Enclosure – Raine's POV

I didn't try to conceal my eye roll. Apparently, I was in for three days of non-stop sexual innuendos. Did he even know how to have a serious conversation? I doubted it.

Marku stood to his feet. Immediately, I eyed him warily and repositioned my frame, bracing for any hint of an attack.

It was his turn to look heavenward. "I would much rather play than spar with you, so why don't we get you cleaned up, so we can have a little fun." The twinkled was back.

I straightened my defensive stance and stood stiffly.

He couldn't just expect me to trust him.

He strode past me, ignoring my sour expression. Reluctantly, I followed him out the door, not particularly eager to get to his version of 'fun', but I did welcome the idea of getting cleaned up. I was covered in blood and tunnel dirt.

We made our way through several corridors until finally coming out into a large atrium. The three story space was richly decorated with contemporary architecture and plush seating areas consisting of couches and chairs in various shades of black and grey. Chandeliers illuminated the area and refracted the light into a million specs of vibrant color. It was oddly reminiscent of the layout of Armand's estate. Vampires did seem to prefer their communal living. I guessed it was safer that way.

We passed several people. All of which, immediately broke into silence and scurried out of our way. They stared curiously and more than a few of their mouths dropped open upon seeing Seraphine at the end of Talon's leash. Talon's expression was like stone, completely impassive. If he recognized any of them, he made no indication.

Marku hesitated when we arrived at two massive doors. York opened the door on the right and we all filed through. A scantily clad woman with dark hair was positioned in a courtesy, her eyes downcast submissively. Marku ran his hand over her hair and down under her chin in one smooth movement, lifting her head to look at him. Instantly, the scent of her arousal filled the air and she shifted ever so slightly. The corners of Marku's lips turned up and he asked her softly, "Is everything prepared?"

"Yes, my lord," she breathed. Her eyes were locked on his, and they shone with adoration and desire. The force of her response took me by surprise. It was obvious she was a pet from her sexy, barely there maid outfit and sparkling collar, but it was clear she didn't obey him begrudgingly. No, she worshipped the ground he walked on and his slightest touch caused her body to reveal just how much she wanted him.

"Good girl," he cooed his approval, holding her eyes, his fingers still touching the soft spot beneath her jaw. She quivered, her arousal flaring out stronger.

I frowned, irritated at her eager display. Although, I was unsure what upset me about it. It should have made me pleased to see his pet so happy, and I was, but... I just didn't know. Maybe because it went against the image I had in my mind...the one where every pet would rather run away from him screaming. But this girl didn't want to get away. Hell no, she wanted to get much, much closer. From their suspended, meaningful look, I wondered if he would have mounted her right then and there if we had not been with him. My frown deepened.

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