Chapter 67 –That's My Girl– Raine's POV

As I slowly came to awareness, I rolled over, hitting the solid brick wall of a muscular chest – Alaric. Abruptly, all of the memories of the night before came crashing in, causing heat to fill my belly and curl my toes.

He growled a low warning, the sound reverberating through his chest, "You can't do that and expect me to let you leave this bed."

"Do what?!" I gasped, surprised by his sudden intensity.

His hands wound down to grasp my hips, pulling me closer to his body as he replied huskily, almost accusingly, "The scent of your arousal...You know how addictive it is."

His forceful tone sent shivers through me, causing my belly to clench and a rush of fluid to release from my core. Even more visions of the night before raced through my brain...On the balcony...In front of the mirror. I rubbed my thighs together, searching for friction and whimpered in need, "Alaric..."

He groaned, "Fuck me. I have a meeting in less than an hour."

Hmm...That wasn't going to work for me. Now that I was picturing him inside of me, I had to have him. I wrapped a leg over his naked torso and removed every last bit of space between my pussy and his hard cock, grinding against him.

Instantly, I was flat on my back and he hovered dangerously over me, nestled between my legs. He growled as he pushed forward into me, "Screw it. They can all wait!"

I inhaled sharply as he filled me completely. He didn't give me any time to get used to him. Instead, he stroked forward deeply, pulled out and pushed back in even deeper, grinding his pelvis against my clit...Exactly the way I wanted it. I cried out in pleasure as he continued his rhythm, gaining speed, riding my body hard and fast. My spine arched and I scored my nails down his back as I frantically clawed at him, the pressure building inside of me.

Abruptly, he tilted my hips, and sent shockwaves of pleasure through my body when he slammed in impossibly even deeper. I shouted loudly, "Yes!!!! Right there!! Fuck my pussy harder!

His lips turned up in a wicked grin, and fuck me harder he did, as I released a solid stream of profanities. Admittedly, I was a tad bit out of my mind with desire, but he was pushing me right to the edge. And when it hit, I couldn't seem to shut up about it as I screamed, "Yes!!! Yes!!! Fuck me, yes!!!"

He came almost instantly after me with a roar, his hips grinding hard into mine as he released. When it was over, I panted to catch my breath. He kissed my neck softly and growled, "Fuuuck, you're amazing!"

I giggled.

He moaned as he pulled out, "I hate to do it, but I'm already late and I've got to get in the shower. My meetings will last until the evening. I would much rather spend the day with you."

I whispered, "That's okay. I planned to see Talon and take him to meet Loki. I'm also going to check in on Ivy. Go take your shower."

He gave me one last kiss and disappeared into the bathroom. I decided now was the perfect time for coffee and jumped out of bed, only to wince when I hit the ground. Shit, I wondered if my body would ever get used to the stretch of sex. It was so fantastic in the moment, but always left me sore later. I grabbed a robe and wrapped it around me as I headed down the steps. I was fairly certain we had some of the pain meds Alaric had given me before left.

As I rounded the corner, heading into the kitchen, I suddenly saw the outline of a huge vampire standing in the living room. His back was to me. I screamed.

He spun around in alarm.

General Raed!!

Almost instantly, I heard Alaric come up behind me, growling fiercely, looking for whatever danger I was in. Shit, how did he get down here so quickly?! His warning growls cut off and he relaxed his frame when he realized it was just General Raed.

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