Pic above: Tavian

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Pic above: Tavian

Chapter dedicated to MyzbrownskinGrant. Thanks for reading and plucking the heck out of the vote button, my friend!

I posted TWO chapters within a day or so...be sure to read them in order. This is the second chapter.

Chapter 144 –Hung Like a Horse – Ileana's POV

The Dragon Realm?

I had heard of Dragon Lords. Their fierceness in battle was just slightly more legendary than their renowned sexual appetites. Many female vampires sought them out, for just one night with the virile creatures.

Their 'anatomy' was said to be unlike other male species. Their cocks were thick and long, the underside was smooth and velvety to the touch, but they had actual pliant scales that ran along the top of their length, providing incomparable pleasure for a female. Of course, I couldn't be certain of the description as I had never seen one for myself.

While the Dragon Lords seemed content to whore themselves out to satisfy any lusty female seeking his attention, their dragons selected their mates and they were picky...extremely picky. As a result, very few were mated.  I wondered what criteria a dragon used to determine worth in a mate. It had to be considerable.

My thoughts were interrupted by Killian. His displeasure with our intended course was obvious. He paced, his wings fluttering in agitation, and hissed under his breath, "Fuck!"

"What makes the Dragon Realm so dangerous?" Talon asked quietly.

Felaern answered, "They are very territorial and protective over what belongs to them. They hoard treasure, resulting in immeasurable wealth, and do not take kindly to strangers trespassing into their kingdom. But we have no choice. Cage is somewhere within their borders." He turned toward Raine.  "His exact location isn't yet discernable. I wonder how he cared for himself, or if he had help, during the months you were separated, particularly with the injury you described."

Queen Raine's expression turned haunted at the memory. She bit her lip to keep it from quivering.  Brialle gave her a hug from behind and whispered in her ear, "We'll find him."

During the second part of our journey, we followed the river for as long as possible to avoid detection of the flesh eating butterflies.  Our progress was uncomfortable, our wet clothing sticking to our body. But we had no other option. All of our provisions, as well as changes of clothes, had been lost to the rushing current of the river.

Night would be over soon.  We were running out of time. We either needed to find shelter or the vampires in our group would be forced to bury ourselves underground in shallow graves, something I wasn't particularly looking forward to.

"It won't be long now," Felaern muttered.

"What do you mean?" Brialle asked.

Felaern's expression was hard, his muscles tense and ready. "We've been in dragon territory for well over an hour.  It won't be long before one of them comes to 'greet' us."

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