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Chapter 15 – Games


I finished eating while Ella hung up my recently laundered clothing and organized my closet. I was bored. It had been three weeks since I met Cage, three weeks since my world, as I knew it, utterly and completely changed.  But during the last seven days, I hadn't seen him at all. Apparently, Armand suspected Marku was planning a coup, and had sent Cage to do reconnaissance. My stomach tightened as I worried about his safety. I just wanted him back and wished I knew when he would return.

I sighed heavily. Staying cooped up in his suites wouldn't lessen my anxiety because everything around me made me think of him. I needed a diversion and headed toward the door, calling out, "Ella, I'm going to the library. I'll be back later."

"Okay, be careful," came her muffled reply.

I smiled and walked the familiar path to the library. I had spent many hours there while Cage was gone on his political trip.  I missed him. During the two weeks we had been together, we spent every minute talking whenever he wasn't required to attend to his Princely duties.

He hadn't tried to touch me again, not even a kiss, since the night I was inebriated. And I was hugely thankful for his restraint, because my horny little body wouldn't have told him no. But he understood that we needed to talk, to get to know each other better, more than we needed to get physical. 

Conflicting emotions raged through me. On one hand, I still planned to escape. I had even gone so far as to map out all of the surrounding rooms that I had access to. I suspected two of them would lead me to an exterior door, but there had always been vampires present making it impossible for me to fully check them out. And even if I were successful in getting out of the building, it was clear we were in a remote location with forests on all sides. I had no idea which direction to go.

And then there was the other hand – Cage. The thought of never seeing him again, caused a disturbing pain in my chest that I couldn't ignore.

I sighed and made my way over to the wall decorated with the coat-of-arms and family crests. I studied the crest of Armand the Slayer, shuddering again. I had only met him once, but he scared me and I had no desire to interact with him again anytime soon.

I took an unconscious step back, and yelped in surprise when I ran into the body of an unseen vampire behind me. I spun around. Anxiety washed over me. It was the same red-headed woman who had argued with Cage! Behind her, stood another female vampire. They wore matching expressions—vicious glares. Shit.

The redhead lifted her chin and looked down through her nose, as she sneered, "I don't think we've been properly introduced. My name is Kaitlyn. And of course, it doesn't really matter who you are because you won't be around very long."

The vampire, behind her, snickered.

"Why would you say that?" I replied tightly. I didn't like where this was going. I didn't dare take my eyes off of her, but noticed no other vampires in my peripheral vision, no one to protect me. Cage had said I would be safe. He told me no one would even consider crossing him and lay a hand on me, while I was in his section of the vast estate. Somehow, I suspected he was wrong. This chick looked more than eager and willing to touch me—in all the wrong ways.

She laughed, the sound coming out cruel and menacing. "You are just one of many who have tried to get in my way. None were successful. He always comes back to me."

"I find it hard to believe you could mean anything to him, if he gets distracted so easily," I snapped.

Her eyes blazed crimson and she took a deliberate step forward, forcing me back. With a finger pointed in my face, she snarled, "I don't care what freaky scent you carry. If you know what is good for you, you will leave him alone!"

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