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Chapter 155—Find Me


Cage stopped dead in his tracks. His head whipped around to stare at me. His pupils were fully dilated, an expression of disbelief and confusion painted his face. His voice dropped low and deadly, "What did you just say to me?"

I shuddered, unable to stop the tears that crested my eyelashes and swept down my cheeks, and whispered, "Please...let me explain."

"Answer the question!" he commanded, his voice razor-edged. "What the fuck did you just say?!"  

I startled, shaken by his tone. He had never been this angry with me, not to the point were he was enraged. I could barely get the words out and stuttered, "He...he's holding your... child."

Cage's head snapped back to Marku, this time zeroing in on the small box cradled in Marku's hands. For just a moment, his anger slipped away, replaced by devastation, his face contorted in agony. My heart twisted at his broken expression.

And then it was gone, fury consuming him again. He turned slowly back to me. His usual gentle silver was missing from his irises, replaced by liquid obsidian orbs that blazed into mine. His jaw clenched. "Were you going to fucking tell me?!"

"Yes!" I gasped quickly, shocked that he assumed I would never tell him.

"And yet..." he roared, "I learned the news from the one man who has done nothing but try to break us apart so that he could shove his dick into you!"

I flinched, hard, his words washing over me like ice water. Marku gave a low warning growl. Cage didn't even bother to glance at him. His devastating glare stayed fixed on me. His voice dropped to a lethal calm that caused my heart to stumble in my chest. I'd much rather have him yelling at me, than experience his horrible feral restraint, locking me out of his emotions, out of his heart. He growled, "Do you have any idea how fucked up that is?!"

A sob escaped my chest. I couldn't stop trembling and whispered, "Y-yes...I'm so sorry, please..."

"Save it," he cut me off, shaking his head as he strode toward the exit.

I reached out and clutched his arm as he passed me. He froze, his gaze going down to my hand, and then slowly back to my face. His voice a cold command, "Don't touch me."

I jerked my hand back, startled at the disgust in his tone. He didn't say another word before walking out. I stood paralyzed, unable to even comprehend what just happened.

Marku made his way to my side. He tucked the beautiful box safely under one arm, and gripped my elbow with his other hand. He murmured quietly, "Come...sit down." I still couldn't speak, and let him guide me silently to the nearest couch. He sat next to me, but far enough away that he could fit the box on the seat between us. He turned his body toward me, resting his left arm on the back of the couch.

I stared at the little box, distracted by how truly beautiful it was.  It was made with a rich dark wood, and every side had smooth sapphire enameling.  The top glittered with clear stones. I sucked in a deep breath when I realized they exactly matched the shape of the tiger on my back. 

My hand trembled as I reached out to touch it.  I let my fingers drift along the edges, and asked softly, "What type of wood is it?"

"Brazilian Kingwood," he replied.

"And the sides?"

"Inlaid sapphire enameling. I brought in a Russian artist."

"His work is exquisite," I murmured, feeling the smooth texture of the enamel. My fingers then went up to the tiger.  It was so stunning, that the words caught in my mouth for a moment. I suspected I knew what type of stones were used, and was shocked he had gone to such expense. I swallowed past the lump in my throat and whispered, "And the tiger?"

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