Photos Above: Micage, Raine

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Photos Above: Micage, Raine

Chapter 30 – Pillow Hog – Raine's POV

I was somewhat speechless. What did one say in a perfect moment? When the entire world faded away, leaving me nothing but the man I loved, who was still connected to my body in the most amazing way.

"How are you?" he murmured softly.

"Better now," I breathed.

He chuckled, "Just better?"

I smirked and teased, " sounds like someone would like some constructive feedback on his performance."

He grinned wider.

And waited for me to reply.

I stared up at him and was again lost in the depths of his irises. The love reflected back at me took my breath away. I stroked his jaw with my fingers. He turned slightly to kiss my fingertips, his gaze still searing through me. Still waiting for my response.

Trying to make cognizant sense of my very overwhelmed thoughts, I breathed hesitantly, "My expectations were pitifully inadequate. I thought I would feel pleasure, but in every touch, you made me feel treasured. I worried that my inexperience wouldn't be enough for you..."

He frowned and began to speak.

"Shhh...listen." I silenced him with a finger to his lips.

He waited.

I continued, "...but you gave me confidence to explore everything that was new to me. And when I came, I had anticipated feeling satisfaction; you gave me that, but you also connected us in ways I don't even have words for."

I hesitated again, trying to get the most important words past the lump in my throat as I finished, "But more than any of that; I expected to have your body...Instead, you gave me you."

"Dulce Tigru," he whispered in deep satisfaction. "I will love you forever."

I didn't even try to hold back my tears of happiness, as I mumbled, "I love you too."


As we showered for the second time, Cage couldn't quite keep his hands off of me. At first, it was under the guise of him cleaning my body and hair. But even after I was sparkling clean, his hands continued to roam, sliding from my breasts around my back and down to rub my hips. I felt his erection grow against my belly as he groaned, "I need to have you again."

That was perfectly fine with me.

I reached to stroke him, reveling in the feeling of him hard in my hand. He stepped forward purposefully, backing me up against the shower wall. When I could go no farther, he placed his hands on the wall on either side of me. With his height, powerful stance, and trapping me where he wanted me, he felt huge and intimidating. But in the very best way, full of sexual intent as his head came down to my neck to growl, "Do you want to ride my cock, Tigru?"

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