Chapter dedicated to Yukie156

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Chapter dedicated to Yukie156. Thanks for Voting and adding the book to your reading list! Much love, my friend!

Chapter 55 – Marku – Raine's POV

The meeting rolled on and I listened attentively, fascinated and grateful for an opportunity to learn more about how this world – my new world – worked.

After another couple of hours, the session ended. Alaric found his way to my side. I could see Cage across the room, engaged in conversation, but decided it was best not to approach him right now. Alaric leaned down and whispered, "We will stay for another thirty minutes or so."

I nodded. The night had turned out more interestingly than I had expected, but my nerves were coiled tightly. Abruptly, a beautiful woman approached us. I was surprised to feel tension roll through Alaric. The instant she was in front of us, he bowed. I followed suit, dropping into a curtsy.

Her voice was sickeningly sweet as she purred, "Alaric, how good to see you again." He straightened. She had yet to acknowledge me, so I held the position, looking down. After a long moment, she finally said disdainfully, "And of course, your little friend."

I straightened and glared at her. Her distaste for me was evident in her scornful expression. I wondered who the hell she was. Alaric cleared up that question when he said, "Queen Adorna, may I introduce Princess Raine of Armand's esteemed bloodline. Raine, this is Queen Adorna of the esteemed Marku bloodline."

I realized in shock, she was Marku's mate! She very specifically addressed Alaric and not me, when she asked, "Alaric, it has been too long since I found myself in your beautiful home. Would you mind so much, taking me on a tour? I am certain there have been many lovely additions since I last visited."

It was clear that she wanted to get him alone. Fury ran through me, but I trusted him. I knew he had no choice when directly asked by one of the Queens. He replied through clenched teeth, "Of course, I would be honored to show you around."

He leaned down and whispered to me, "Stay here. I will be back shortly."

As they walked away, I fidgeted, unsure what to do with myself while I waited. Abruptly, I noticed Marku staring at me intently! As soon as Alaric was out of sight, he advanced very purposefully through the crowd in my direction.

I realized then that Queen Adorna's goal wasn't to be alone with Alaric. She had just been following Marku's command to get Alaric away from me! Oh shit!

I spun around and headed quickly in the other direction.

However, even though he was across the room from me a second ago, now, he stood right in front of me, blocking any chance for escape.

I gasped.

He smirked, "I don't believe we've had the pleasure to meet. I am Marku, King of the Northern Territories."

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