Chapter 93 – I'm Ready – Cage's POV

We were four blowjobs in, and I had left the room for our 'intermission', which basically consisted of waiting until Talon could get it up again. I had hoped Silas would be satisfied after the fourth round, but when I discussed it with him, he made it perfectly clear he wasn't ready for her stop. I suspected he was hoping Talon wouldn't be able to continue at some point, so he could step in.

However, for a human, Talon had surprising stamina. But while he had no physical problems, he had struggled emotionally again during the second round, when Ivy begged and pleaded for him to stop. Even still, he hadn't needed my compulsion, for which I was hugely thankful. During the third round, she became the obedient submissive, and both of them seemed to acclimate quite easily to the new role play. By the last round, it was evident that all of her 'practice' was paying off, because when it came time for her to be the aggressor, she didn't hold back. Not even a tiny bit. She attacked him like he was her last meal. Shit.

I groaned silently, impatient for this to be over. Watching non-stop sex all day had me sufficiently horny now, and there was only one place I wanted to be – nestled in between Raine's thighs. I sighed. I hadn't spoken with her since intermission number two, so decided to call again. Maybe it would help take my mind off of it. She picked up on the first ring, her tone was laced with concern. "Cage, how is Talon doing?"

Just hearing her voice, made my dick jump. Shit. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. I somewhat groaned out the words. "He's doing much better now."

She was silent for a moment. She hadn't missed the change in my tone. And then she purred, "I see. And how are you holding up?"

I palmed the once-again growing bulge in my pants, trying to settle it down, and replied to her innuendo through gritted teeth, "Cute. I'm holding up just fine, thank you."

She obviously knew better and snickered, "Uh huh..."

"It isn't funny," I hissed petulantly.

"Of course, it isn't," she agreed easily, but lost no humor from her tone.

I growled in frustration, "Fuck, I want to be inside of that wet hot pussy of yours."

She inhaled sharply.

It was my turn to smirk.

Hmm. Turn-about was fair play. I purred, "I hope you're ready for me, Tigru, because when I get home, I am going to tear every bit of clothing off of your body. And once I have you naked, I am going to tie your hands to the bed and blindfold you again, so that the only thing you can feel or think about is my thick, hard cock sliding in and out of you."

She whined loudly.

Hell, yes.

I warned, "I'm not going to be gentle, Tigru. Not this time. This time, you won't be able to get away from me, and I am going to pound into you so hard and fast, you will be screaming my name and begging me to stop."

She gasped and whimpered, "Cage..."

I smiled wickedly and reminded her one last time before I hung up, "Be ready, Tigru."

Of course, my conversation with Raine hadn't helped my current dilemma. If anything, I was painfully hard now. And once I did find my way into her pussy, it was going to take me a few times to take the edge off and then a few more before I felt satiated. I hadn't been kidding when I told her to be ready, and she knew it.

My phone pinged, alerting me I had a text. I looked down. It was Talon. They were ready for round five. I returned to the room to find Ivy straddling his lap on the couch. He had one hand on her ass and the other behind her head, as he kissed her neck.

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