Chapter 162— Preparation

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Chapter 162— Preparation


The last three weeks had gone by in a blur. Cage and I had spent our days catching up with his loyal subjects and friends, and our nights catching up on all of the moments we had missed during the time we were apart. Gentle caresses, lingering touches, greedy kisses, our bodies entwined into one, but it was never enough. I would never have enough of him. Even the unending expanse of immortality did not feel sufficient enough time to satisfy my desire for him.

Although...when he acted as he was right now...I'd rather wring his neck than anything else.

My Reception Gala was tonight!

Butterflies quivered and danced in my belly. I was breathless with excitement and curiosity. Cage had insisted on handling every last detail, even down to what dress I wore, and he'd refused to share any information with me...Even after much cajoling and attempted coercion on my part. His answer was always the same—he wanted the entire night to make me feel special, to show much how much he and my father's kingdom loved me.

How could I argue with that logic? I couldn't. But still, it hadn't kept me from pouting on one or two occasions when he didn't give in. I didn't like it when I didn't get my way, and I had a sneaky suspicion that he enjoyed riling me up.

But, no matter. All of the mystery would be revealed soon!

"When do I get to see my dress?!" I jumped up and down on the bed, wearing only a pink see-through bustier and matching lacy panties. The expensive French lingerie had been a gift from Cage. One of many. I remembered the day after we met. He'd admitted we shared an affinity for luxurious underthings. I smirked at the fond memory. He hadn't lied. I loved to wear it, and he loved to see me in it. He was constantly buying me sexy and exotic undergarments.

Cage glanced up at me from the large desk across the room, where he was finishing paperwork and last minute details for our vacation. A slow grin spread across his face as he eyed me up and down. His mercury colored orbs glittered playfully. Of course, he had a smart ass response. "When I say you can."

Hence, my current desire to wring his neck. I narrowed my eyes, but didn't bother to stop bouncing up and down. It was too much fun and a wonderful outlet for my nervous energy.

"You're so damn bossy," I huffed.

He stood to his feet, and crossed the room slowly to me. I worked to control my accelerated breathing. He was gorgeous. From head to toe. Perfect. Dark charcoal, almost black, slacks hung from his hips, perfectly fitted to accentuate his trim waist, tight ass and powerful thighs. His silk button-down shirt was tucked in. The deep grey sheen in the fabric made his silver eyes practically glow.

He gripped both of my hips with his large hands, effectively stopping my up and down motion. I inhaled sharply, and ran my fingers through his almost-black tousled hair, loving the soft texture. He jerked me toward him, so that I was standing at the edge of the bed. "Oh!" a squeak released from my lips.

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