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Chapter 103 – It's Over – Raine's POV

I didn't understand why they weren't trying to bring him back. Cage and Echo just stood there. I cried urgently, "You have to help him!"

Cage snarled, "I can't! It's too late...He's gone!"

Tears streamed down my cheeks and I begged frantically, "No, no, have to try...please at least try!!"

His expression softened but he shook his head sadly. "Even if I wanted to, I couldn't. Only the vampire that drains him, can complete the transition, no one else."

I heard his words. Only the vampire that drains him. I didn't know how long Talon's heart had been silent, but it could only have been a few seconds. Instantly, I tore through my wrist and slammed it to Talon's slack jaw. I didn't care if it was impossible. I had to try.

Cage closed his eyes, hating to see the struggle he knew I was going through. I leaned down and whispered urgently in Talon's ear, "Please...I am begging you...please do not die!!! Please come back to me...please!!!"

I could tell Cage still thought Talon was a lost cause, but he must have decided to try on my behalf, because he began compressions against Talon's chest.

I looked up at him and whispered through my tears, "Thank you."

He didn't reply. He just kept pumping Talon's chest steadily up and down.

Seconds went by.

It felt like an eternity.

And then something happened.

I could have sworn Talon's eyelid fluttered...just a tiny bit. I choked back the joy that wanted to surge from me because I wasn't sure if it was just my mind showing me what I wanted to see.

Abruptly, Echo hissed to Cage, "Did you hear that?!"

Cage leaned over Talon, intently studying his face, and then he said in shock, "He has a heartbeat."

"Really?!" I gasped.

"It's faint and only two beats so far, so it still may not be enough," he warned, trying to keep my hopes under control when the outcome still looked so bleak.

But I couldn't help myself. I just had to believe Talon would make it.

He had to.

Another excruciatingly slow minute passed.

And then it was very obvious that Talon was going to make it.

Because he began to fight me.


And I wasn't prepared. My arm was pushed against his mouth, forcing him to drink, and my free hand gripped the back of his head to keep him there. However, in a shockingly fast maneuver, he jerked his body to the side, trying to wrench free. I maintained my hold, but his movement tossed me over his chest and I landed on his other side.

"Fuck!" Cage hissed and grabbed Talon's head and my arm, to help hold us in place. That still left Talon's lower body free. Echo grabbed his legs, but struggled to keep him from writhing violently.

There was no doubt Talon was in pain. He groaned and a tear escaped his tightly closed eyes. I could still distinctly recall the feeling of fire in my throat until Cage's blood took effect in me. It had hurt like hell. I hated seeing Talon suffer.

My thoughts were interrupted when Talon bucked hard, tossing Echo off of him. Having his legs free gave him much more leverage to fight us. Cage wasn't willing to release his grip on my arm and Talon's head, so he couldn't move to help Echo with Talon's legs.

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