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Chapter 141 –Certainly, Not for Love– Raine's POV

All eyes were trained on us the moment we walked through the conference room doors. Marku kept a firm hand on my lower spine, nudging me forward until we reached a couch. I sank down on the snowy white cushion, thankful that it didn't exacerbate my already pain-riddled body. I hadn't expected it to feel comfortable, given the cold and hard contemporary steel frame.

Felaern and Brialle sat directly across from us. Killian and two other Fae—I recognized both from my previous nighttime aerial escapade—stood off to the right, their wings flickering with pent up energy. Talon and Ileana sat on our left; their faces bore similar pensive expressions.

As soon as I was settled, Felaern leaned forward, his legs apart, hands clasped together, elbows resting on his knees. His posture mimicked that of a relaxed person, but his countenance was filled with the dread of an avenging angel, fierce and deadly. His cobalt blue orbs burned with intensity, his voice edged with steel as he growled, "Tell me every detail."

I shrank back from the unfiltered violence in his expression, any response I may have had was trapped in my throat. Brialle touched Felaern lightly on the arm, soothing him, while Marku leaned forward, assuming an equally threatening stance.  

Felaern's eyes cut to Brialle. She gave his arm a squeeze, her expression soft with understanding.   He turned back to me, his tone slightly less lethal and explained through gritted teeth, "Forgive me, little one. My anger is not directed at you. It has been many years since I had...hope..." His words cut off—an unfathomable pain took up residence in the dark recesses of his azure eyes.

My heart went out to him. I had only been separated from Cage for three months. But Felaern had suffered many lifetimes, searching for his one true love, and then mourning her presumed death. My anxiety subsided, and I forced my mind to relax so that I could fully concentrate on giving him complete answers. "What is it that you want to know?"

"Everything. Do not leave any detail out."

"Okay," I pulled in a slow deep breath. I started with Ileana's story, and then worked my way until we met Acheron and Lady Sofielle.

Felaern interupted, "What did she look like?  What was she wearing?"

My brows rose. He said he wanted every detail, but I hadn't expected he wanted to know her fashion sense. "Um..."

Recognizing my confusion, he reiterated with his jaw still clenched tightly shut, "It's important."

I let my eyelids flutter shut so that I could focus on the image of her in my mind. "She was shorter than me with pale porcelain skin, a round face and large expressive eyes. Her hair was blonde, almost white. Sections were braided and it fell down the length of her back. Butterflies—three of them—fluttered in her locks..."

"Go on..." he murmured.  "What was she wearing?"

"Um...she was in a dress.  It was red...deep, like the color of wine. She had no shoes, her feet were bare."  I opened my eyes to look at him.

"Is that that everything?" he persisted.

"Yes..." I spoke hesitantly, trying to remember if I had left anything out. Wait! There was one more thing.  I had forgotten about the gorgeous jewelry she had worn. "She had emerald infinity bands on her ankles and wrists."

Felaern shot to his feet. I startled in surprise. Marku positioned his large frame slightly in front of me.  Felaern paced, a stream of profanities releasing from his mouth. "That fucking bastard...I knew it!  When I get my hands on him, there will be no torture too painful, too sick, to satisfy my wrath!"

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