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Chapter 105 –He Was Right– Raine's POV

I gaped, my mouth seemingly stuck open. Cage had said Talon 'filled out'. That was a hell of an understatement. And where were his clothes?   When I saw him last, he was fully dressed, but now he stood in only a pair of boxer shorts? My mouth still wasn't functioning properly so that question would have to wait for the moment.

Talon's chest was massive, a hard expanse of muscle that started from his neck, down, each one perfectly defined with ridged lines. He had a six pack that looked like it had been chiseled from granite and a distinct v indent on his hips, visible due to the low waistband of his underwear. His thighs were thick, accented that much more by his lean, trim waist.

My gaze traveled back up his body. Was he taller?  It wouldn't be impossible. The rest of his frame had changed so dramatically, why not his height too? He radiated raw power, but the warmth and twinkle in his eyes was familiar, distinctively him.

I was finally able to make my mouth work, and asked, "What happened to your clothing? Did you get blood on them?"

He smiled shyly under my close scrutiny. His Adam's apple worked and he seemed just at a loss for words as I was. "Um, they didn' anymore. Master Cage told me to use his clothing until we can update my wardrobe."

Even the timbre of his voice was different, deeper and smooth. My gaze shifted to Cage. "He wasn't this big when he changed. What happened?"

Cage nodded, again a note of pride in his eyes. I wasn't sure if he was proud of me as Talon's sire, or proud of Talon for the extraordinary changes. Maybe both. "After he left us, he needed additional blood. His body continued to grow and fill out until his thirst was completely satiated."

Oh, that made sense.

We were interrupted when another of Echo's men, I think his name was Tobias, walked in the door with Ivy by his side. She stopped cold when she saw Talon. It was clear she hadn't seen his new physique yet, because her eyes grew wide and her mouth formed a shocked 'o'. I wondered if that was the same expression I had had.

Talon grinned impishly at her.

Instantly, her arousal filled the air, sweet and strong. Her chest heaved slightly, as she tried to control her sudden increase in breathing.

Talon's mouth tightened into a hard line and his nostrils flared. He shifted uncomfortably, his hands automatically moving in front of him, blocking her view of the reaction his manhood had to her scent and body language. He couldn't help it. Everything was heightened for him now, including his sex drive. Cage interrupted quickly, "Talon, why don't we find you something to wear now." Talon snapped his head toward Cage, profound relief in his eyes, and they both disappeared into the bedroom.

I wondered if Talon would finally give in to her pleading now. Ivy had begged him to take their relationship all of the way, but he had resisted. The damage from his previous mistress was too firmly ingrained in his mind for him to take her completely. He just couldn't...not when he felt it would be wrong to Ivy to do so. But there was no doubt in looking at her stunned and aroused expression, her pleading might well turn into all-out demanding.

Echo drew my attention back to the task at hand. He stood next to the table with the documents and dug through the stack until he found the one he was looking for. He pulled it out and set it on top. All previous humor was gone from his expression, replaced with only serious determination. "We went over the diagrams while in my room. It sounds like we need to make some changes to our game plan."

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