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(Chapter 15)

Conner's POV

I couldn't make out the words she said. 'Disarray's been in a accident' I think my heart skipped a beat. 

"What?!" I managed to say.

"Go to the airport. Wait, go pack some clothes in a duffle bag. Hurry. Take a car to the airport and leave the key under a tire. I'll sent someone to pick it up. When you arrive at NY, go to Hopkins Hospital," she said. She sounded calm, but I could hear the worry she had for her daughter. I thought I would choke on worry.

"Okay," I said and hung up. I grabbed a duffle bag and put random clothes in it.

Fuck! I'm so worried. I've never been this worried in my life. Just imaging my Princess in pain is unbearable. I didn't know I care for her this deeply. I didn't know what I would do without her now.

I grabbed my sweater and made my way downstairs. I got into the Vanquish and raced off to the airport.

My heart won't stop beating like crazy. What if she's in a really critical condition? Why if she doesn't want me there? I don't think she'll mind. I'm her fiancé... but more like a friend. What happened to her?! She should have been careful! What kind of accident? What if she got... raped?

I pressed hard on the gas pedal. Imaging someone hurting Disarray brought me rage. I'll hurt anyone who ever tries to harm her. She doesn't deserve it. She's so nice and sweet, beautiful, everything.

What if she... dies?! I pressed harder on the gas pedal. She can't die! No. I know she doesn't deserve to have an arranged marriage, but she still deserves to live. I.. I need her to live.

My eyes went dry. God. She has to be okay. She needs to be okay. I need to see her. I wish I was there to prevent it. She shouldn't have been in that accident!

* *

I got to the airport and did what Mrs. Anderson told me to do. Then I ran in the airport till I got to my destination. They did the security check and everything while I was dying with worry. I need to fucking go! I almost screamed. I rubbed my eyes with my hands and took deep breaths. I need to be clam and not do anything stupid.

I got into the private jet and it left almost immediately. I was so impatient. I couldn't stay in place. I kept twitching. WTF? I kept looking out the window and asked the flight attendant how long was left. I felt like I'd jump off the jet.

Disarray. My heart started to pound. What happened to her?

"Are you alright?"

I turned up and saw the flight attendant. About 24.

"Fine," I croaked.

"You're... crying.."

I went rigid. I touched my face and it was a little wet, but not over-flowing. I hadn't realized I was crying. Crying for a girl I've known for a month. A girl I've come to care about more then anyone. A girl that's my fiancé.

"What's wrong?" she said lightly.

"My... my fiancé got into an accident and I don't know what happened to her..," I said and hid my face in hands.

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