Tour • Hannie by BannaniesOnly
Tour • Hannieby ☼
Annie is an regular eighteen year old who's just living life to the fullest, and loves to sing. while at breakfast, she comes across an singing competition to go on tour...
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Faking it |c.h by coleismylover
Faking it |c.hby coleismylover
"Try not to fall in love with me" he whispers in my ear causing chills to run through my body.
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Male sans op reader x high school dxd by Destroyer_Creater
Male sans op reader x high Taking a break
Your basically sans from undertale but ... WAY more powerful and is basically the strongest sans in the high school dxd universe so enjoy also your going to get a harem
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Tom Holland Imagines  by iamthatgirl123
Tom Holland Imagines by Katy 🌸🌞
I'm going to be writing imagines about the one and only Tom Holland! There is also imagines about His character Peter Parker. Imagine Requests are open!! Just Message me...
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Bts Boyfriend Scenarios by snow_ridder11
Bts Boyfriend Scenariosby Miranda Jean Terrell
Hello! I will have all the silly, hard, sad, passionate times in the book i hope you enjoy!
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Baby Tae ~Vkook FF~ by JKsTimberlands
Baby Tae ~Vkook FF~by Kim Milae™
In which Taehyung is a 22 year old who is a Little. In which Jungkook is a 20 year old and he is the caretaker of Taehyung They meet in a Café as Taehyung acidentally...
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( FOREVER ! ) FINN WOLFHARDby sad baby
sequel to mwah!
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Watty Tags by safiahussain9
Watty Tagsby safia hussain
Bored??? want to have fun with friends??? Then, you all are definitely at the right place guyz???. Have fun tagging your friends and lots of relatable posts of daily lif...
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Sarcasm 101 by _live_to_laugh_
Sarcasm 101by LLL
A book of sarcastic comebacks and phrases that I hope you can use in the future. Enjoy :) A taste of what's in this book: Random Person" What are you doing here!?&q...
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Decisions - Daniel Seavey <3  by dontcomeformeee
Decisions - Daniel Seavey <3 by dontcomeformeee
"I love you"...."I love you too". When Payton, jonahs younger sister, falls in love with Daniel, sad but amazing things happen...
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aesthetic usernames for tumblr by sadvalentines
aesthetic usernames for tumblrby 案頹 KANA 煵嫠
>>username ideas (can be used for anything tbh)<<
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She's special by GreenBookMonster
She's specialby Miss Monster
Brea Kendra-- commonly deemed as a beautiful goddess, is now in her final year of high school. Her life revolves around fighting and racing. Being the different and str...
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~My Art Book of Wisdom~ by DarkMoonHowling
~My Art Book of Wisdom~by I BELIEF IN DESTINY
That's it! I'm making a art book. Cuz I wanna. And maybe this will encourage other artists to join in! Don't copy, if so, I hate you. Soo this is random and exciting! An...
  • dragons
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Must Read Books On Wattpad by Zaryswell
Must Read Books On Wattpadby Weirdo
Highest ranking #31 (5-3-18) Hey there! Looking for some awesome books to read ? Then you came to the right place. Trust me when I say you won't be disappointed to p...
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ANNOYING! - KARMA X READER by britishasshoe
ANNOYING! - KARMA X READERby britishasshoe
Adventures with Karma Akabane as your mischievous, loyal boyfriend. LET'S CUT TO THE CHASE, ain't nobody like that shit that fucks around with Karma being a tsundere or...
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Music (Jacksepticeye x reader) by samislau
Music (Jacksepticeye x reader)by samislau
*Warning this story contains depressing things and adult content* You are a 20 with her abusive boyfriend zach. You play the guitar and key bored. You want to get into t...
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 BLS #1: Race To Her Heart  by 03alinak04
BLS #1: Race To Her Heart by Alina K
BLS #1 Nathan Lewis A billionaire that loves changing girls like changing clothes. Besides ruling the business world, he also loves racing. He is known for...
  • chicklit
  • romance
  • nathan
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Night Lights (mystreet x reader) //Under Editing\\ by Sherbet_Ki
Night Lights (mystreet x reader) Sherbet~Kun
A girl named (Y/n) moved into a neighborhood which is a lot more dramatic then she thought it would. She is a famous youtube and singer who plays in a band called Night...
  • newgirl
  • secrets
  • awkwardness
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The Creator (CreepyPasta FanFic/ BEN Drowned Romance FanFic) by Maggie_May_8212_New
The Creator (CreepyPasta FanFic/ I Won't Tell, srry
Known on the Internet as "The Creator", Sin Glitch is what her Internet name says, she's the creator of the imaginary killers that haunt your nightmares. Born...
  • action
  • creepypasta
  • fanfiction
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Criminal  by zeus1119
Criminal by zeus1119
[Complete] Marinette finds herself in a cold dark room one day, the rustling sounds of chains on her hands and feet.. Where was she? When suddenly, a voice in the sha...
  • niño
  • drama
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