well, i was reading an amazing arranged marriage

story and i wanted to write one with a guy as the emo rocker one.

people are probably going to say i copied but i didn't.

i just liked this idea i wanted to share with you guys.

don't leave hate mail, please. first, it's pretty disrespectful, :)

i hope you enjoy it!

comment-vote-fan-message, please! and tell me if it's good so far.

i'm already writing the second chapter and i i'll try to make them long.


I'm Conner and my life got ruined when I was 12. Its when I started liking girls more. I had my first girlfriend when I was 12 and her name was Gabi. And she was the last girlfriend I had. I was confused because my parents disapproved completely.

I had been a couple of weeks with Gabi and I like her a lot.

It wasn't until I found why my parents didn't want me to be with her.

-Flashback to I was 12-

"Conner come here," My mother said. What did I do now? I thought to myself.

I went to the dining area and my father and mother were there, waiting to talk to me.

"What going on?" I asked suspiciously.

"We have something to tell you," My father answered.

I sat next to my mom, who looked sad. What happened? Did someone die?

"Son, you can't fall in love with no one," My father said. I was shocked. Why the fuck not? I'm old enough to have my girlfriend!

"Why not?" What did I do? I know I got detention for pushing a kid, but that's not too much!

"Before you were born, I wasn't winning as much money as I am now and I stole some money out of the company and they caught me. The boss demanded I returned his money, but I didn't have it."

"And what the hell does that have to do with me?!" I screamed at him.

"Let me finish. The only way he said that he wouldn't send me to jail is that............... my first son married his first daughter," He whispered.

"WHAT?" I shouted at him.

"Son, when you turn 18. You'll have to get married."

I stood there in shock. I wouldn't be able to choose my own wife? I was instead going to have to be with someone I didn't want to be with. Someone I didn't love and I would instead hate. I wouldn't be able to fall in love in high school. I was devastated. Why would my parents do this to me? It wasn't my fault he stole!

Next day, I broke up with Gabi.

-End Flashback-

I'm 17 now and a letter came to my house last week that my new family is coming and taking me with them. My life is hell. I guess there really rich and what not, but I didn't care. I just wanted to be free. And I'm not even 18 yet! I 'm in the middle of my Senior year and I'm going to have to finish school somewhere else.

Ever since my parents revealed the truth to me, I changed. I wasn't the happy going kid anymore. My attrite changed. I would wear mostly black. I let my hair grow out. I was quiet and depressed. There was a time in high school I went through a rebellious stage. I went to parties and got wasted. I use to cut myself. I was a mess. But I changed when I met my best friend, Farah.

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