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(1) Katnis Swan: Lost by KatnisSwan
(1) Katnis Swan: Lostby Katnis23Swan
Katnis Swan Series: Book 1 Katnis Swan is the younger sister of Isabella Swan. After the death of their mother the two are forced to go and live with their father, Charl...
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The Swan Child by love_You_For3va
The Swan Childby love_You_For3va
When Bella comes to live with Charlie she will find that he isn't as lonely as she thought. "That little girl has helped me through the toughest times of my life&qu...
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The Difference (Carlisle Cullen) by VanillaWest1
The Difference (Carlisle Cullen)by Thean G Heerb
"Sometimes, being different feels a lot like being alone. But with that being said, being true to that and being true to my standards and my way of doing things in...
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The Major's Mate by ShadowGirl1996
The Major's Mateby ShadowGirl1996
When Edward was turned so was his sister Lillian. When Edward rebelled agents Carlisle's way of life and left, Lillian staid. Then when Jasper arrived Lillian and found...
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Edward's Blind Mate by TashaAmy1803
Edward's Blind Mateby Таshа Амеlia
I am Jacqueline Swan. When I was younger I had a accident that left me blind. Though I could not see I spent time away from my twin with a benefactor but that was a whil...
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The Other Swan (Twilight Fanfic) by allyouneediscats
The Other Swan (Twilight Fanfic)by Kassidy :P
Kassidy-Ann Swan, the twin sister to Bella Swan (Bellybear) and the daughter of Charlie and Renee Swan. they had sent her away when she was younger and now she's back, n...
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TroubleMaker (Twilight) by lele_tiaun
TroubleMaker (Twilight)by Malea
Alex is what you call a street rat who steals to survive in this harsh world. She didn't believe in the government and hated her parents for abandoning her to die in the...
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Solar Sweetheart ¤ Jasper Hale [1] by darlingvixen
Solar Sweetheart ¤ Jasper Hale [1]by K ι м в e r l y
❝If loving him kills me, then I was ready for death the moment he said hello.❞ Eleanor Forge is sent to live with her uncle when her father dies from a car accident. She...
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The Rejected Imprint, The Accepted Mate by LexisRSalmon
The Rejected Imprint, The Accepted...by
Lexi Anne Swan. Moving to Forks Washington or supposed to be a dream come true for Lexi she was supposed to get out of the shadow of her older sister, join a musical, pl...
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Innocence (Jasper Hale-Whitlock) by adbaez
Innocence (Jasper Hale-Whitlock)by Adrianna Báez
"Don't expect me to stay away from you Angel." Liquid gold eyes held mine as he lightly brushed his fingers on my cheek and instinctively my face turned towa...
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Into The Unkown by renealicia
Into The Unkownby Alicia-Rene Nell
Olivia Swan is the adopted daughter of Charlie and Renee. Growing up she always had a protector. She met him when she was the young age of six when her biological mother...
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Coming Home(twilight/percy jackson) by muffie2000
Coming Home(twilight/percy jackson)by muffie2000
What if demigod Alex has to go live with her brother Jacob Black for the summer. Will she be able to keep her secret? ***completed*** Twilight X Percy Jackson
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Seth's First Love  by Skoobydagawd
Seth's First Love by 🐘✨
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The adopted Cullen by Chrysa-Hiyama
The adopted Cullenby Kiyana
Maya is 4 years old and has had a very disturbed past. Being a rape victim which she doesn't know what it means make her very sensitive to people helping her change or b...
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The Human Cullen || E.Cullen by kirapaynex
The Human Cullen || E.Cullenby Kira Alice ✿
What if Edward had a son? Arthur is just a kid struggling with his actions and trying to make his father love him once again. Ranked #3 in #twilight
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the girl from both worlds |Edward Cullen| by kawtara488
the girl from both worlds |Edward...by kate ben
Mabel is an 18 years old half vampire half witch who wants to discover the human world on her own. .but cross paths with others. ...the Cullens
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Speak Up «» Edward Cullen Bwwm by Tearsfillthesky
Speak Up «» Edward Cullen Bwwmby Bre
"You should speak up more often your voice is so beautiful." ®Twilight All rights reserved to Stephanie Myers
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𝐱𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐲,  the twilight saga  by voidxbillie
𝐱𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐲, the twilight saga by — 𝑘𝑒𝑙𝑙𝑖 🌪
"what is it about them? i must be missing something." ( twilight - breaking dawn pt2 ) fem!oc x edward cullen COPYRIGHT © 2019 // VOIDXBILLIE
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twilight soulmate story  by The_BatCats
twilight soulmate story by The_BatCats
Edward, Emmet, and Jasper soulmate story WARNING NSFW/SCENES, and violence
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Do You Remeber? || Volturi Kings by mxrad0
Do You Remeber? || Volturi Kingsby Francine✨
A normal human girl + Three powerful vampire Kings What do you think would happen? It's kinda tempting to know of what there love story will be Will it be peaceful? but...
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