Disarray’s POV

“You love me?” I whispered, bewildered looking at him. He ran a hand through his hair looking nervous.

He nodded, avoiding my stare.

I kept replying the sound of his voice saying it. ‘I love you’ It sounded so amazing, it literally gave me the strongest feeling in my chest I’ve ever had. I felt so special being loved by him. He’s just so amazing. I would have never thought my chosen husband was going to be like this.

If I had known how amazing he is, I would have wanted to meet him. At least I know him now and we’re together.

I frowned and pulled his chin up to meet my eyes. He had a reproachful look.

“Why aren’t you looking at me?” I asked slowly. He probably regrets telling me. I know he meant it though. By look the look in his eyes, the deep stare. It warmed my chest up and I smiled at him.

“Disarray, I wouldn’t have thought I’d come too. Remember that first day?” he asked, giving me a timid smile. I responded with a headshake. Even if he hated me that first day, he still protected me.

“Yeah well, I really wanted to hate you. I thought my life was ruined. I wanted to finish school back there. I want to choose my own wife,” he said frowning. I sighed. I’m sure I wanted to find my own husband, but I wouldn’t now. I have the perfect one.

“I was mad too, but I bet it was worse for you. You’ve known since you were twelve,” I remarked.

“That might be true, but it sucked for you too. You found out five months prior. You might have loved someone a lot, and then you’d have to be with someone else,” he whispered, “but you said you didn’t really like Anthony, so it’s alright?”

There was probably a time when I was with Anthony and all I felt was puppy love. Nothing compared to the love I feel for Conner. I could be myself with Conner and with Anthony I always had to check myself out if I looked good or not. I love Conner.

“Conner, I can’t believe anything was going to turn out like this, but I’m so glad it did. I’m glad of my parents setting the arranged marriage up, because….”

“Because why?” he demanded in a low voice. I haven’t told him what he wanted to hear.

“Because I love you, I love you so much. And if I wasn’t for our parents mistake, we wouldn’t have met,” I whispered, laying my head on his chest. In a swift movement, he made my lips meet his. I would always want to savor this kiss. The first kiss we have knowing that we actually wanted each other.

I moaned when his lips traveled down to my chest as I regained my breath. I immediately brought his lips back to mine. I felt his erection near my core making me want more. He grunted when I started to grin against him. I knew he still wanted to wait till we were officially married, so I decided to move away a bit.

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