Hey There, Delilah by MP13Girl
Hey There, Delilahby McKenna
What would you think if you received letters from someone and it seemed they could never be caught? This just so happens to be Delilah's problem right now. The police ha...
  • stalker
  • delinquent
  • kiss
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Biker's Teddy (Wolves MC 3) by worldreader18
Biker's Teddy (Wolves MC 3)by Lizzy Paige
Teddy has never been in a good relationship. Starting her new job as a cleaning lady for some of the local bikers. When she gets hurt at one of their houses she is forc...
  • stalker
  • wattys2017
  • teddy
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Like It Or Not by PinkOrPurple98
Like It Or Notby PinkOrPurple98
Amber Dawson is an 18 year old naive, introverted girl who is always nice and down to earth. She doesn't have many friends as people always saw her as the weird and &quo...
  • naive
  • love
  • captor
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With Love (BoyXBoy) [COMPLETE] by SeanLang
With Love (BoyXBoy) [COMPLETE]by sin
This is a much - darker - take on a crazy love story. Oliver White and Jacob Andrews have been friends since elementary school, isn't it so cliché? Let's add the twist...
  • funny
  • cute
  • friend
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Obsession ( Yandere-ish! Yuki Sohma x Reader ) Fruits Baskets  by ChloeGonzales9
Obsession ( Yandere-ish! Yuki Chibubunny
When a young girl gains a stalker , Prince Yuki Sohma, her world gets turned upside down for the worst. No one believes her. What's a girl to do? ( This story doesn't be...
  • sohma
  • yandere
  • stalker
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Encrypted [Yandere x Reader] by PocketTrollsForSale
Encrypted [Yandere x Reader]by PocketTrollsForSale
You were a normal student who lived a reasonably mundane life. The world around you had become a melancholy chore at this point. Nothing was new or least...
  • romance
  • originalcharacter
  • insane
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Human Again (A Jeff the Killer story) by FroggyGirl28
Human Again (A Jeff the Killer FroggyGirl28
[Completed] " You're so annoying", he suddenly says with pity in his eyes, analyzing my face in disgust. "I prefer to be annoying than a psycho like you...
  • deal
  • wattys2017
  • creepypasta
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Follow Me Back (First draft of the published series) by adam_and_jane
Follow Me Back (First draft of A.V. Geiger
Tessa Hart has a secret, but she's too scared to tell a soul... ||Mystery Thriller#1||
  • celebrity
  • stalker
  • love
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Fuck Buddies by soccerfreak333
Fuck Buddiesby soccerfreak333
I could feel my cheeks grow rosy as his hands skimmed down my body tearing off my bra. His hot breath rolled against the crook in my neck until finally, his lips made co...
  • innerbeauty
  • highschool
  • boyxgirl
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She Belongs to Me [A Stalker Series] by ReadingtheInsanity89
She Belongs to Me [A Stalker ReadingtheInsanity89
Emily Hayden is more than enthusiastic about her second year of college. She's enrolled in the best classes, one year closer to getting her teaching degree, and has her...
  • thriller
  • horror
  • obsessed
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4 Possessive Mates by weirdo1165
4 Possessive Matesby weirdo1165
This is your typical cliche book but, with some twists. Estrella Karma is a girl who loves school. *Gasp* I know right. Although she is not your average nerd. She is an...
  • vampiremate
  • possessive
  • jealous
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He's Mine (Varchie) by Lilly6679
He's Mine (Varchie)by Lilly6679
Someone had been stalking Archie Andrews and is growing increasingly jealous whenever he and Veronica share a passionate moment. Eventually, they get tired of it and beg...
  • cheryl
  • fanfiction
  • betty
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The Psychopath || pjm by adibah_tofu
The Psychopath || pjmby Kawaii Tofu
"JAEKYUNG, WHAT IN THE WORLD? WHY IS THERE A FRICKIN' CAMERA INSIDE YOUR DOLL?" he shrieked. Yet, I was also in a daze since I just knew that fact just a few s...
  • stalker
  • btsboys
  • bangtan
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Cold Stalker → Jjk [ Book | & || ] by -galaxxB
Cold Stalker → Jjk [ Book | & || ]by Star Chips °c
" What are you doing here ? " " Stalking " + She got a stalker , a cold one -galaxxB stories [ Cold Stalker Book | & || ]
  • jungkook
  • jungkookbts
  • jin
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Stalker | taehyung by joonscupid
Stalker | taehyungby Idk.
It all started with his "love" letters. ©JOONSCUPID
  • wattys2018
  • pychopath
  • kimtaehyung
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Silent Teachings by Diamond_Gemma
Silent Teachingsby Gem
Student/Teacher relationship story. _____ Isabella Mason, a young twenty four year old teacher who moves from her hometown to have a fresh start after leaving her long t...
  • abusive
  • assault
  • affair
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Possessive Love (Draft) (Editing) by Musicholic
Possessive Love (Draft) (Editing)by Musicholic
Highest Rank #2 in mystery and thriller Dear Lizzy, How beautiful you look all cozy in your bed, how lavish your sheets look tangled up in your smooth legs, as I look a...
  • stalked
  • kidnapped
  • lizzy
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His Infatuation by AsfarNoor
His Infatuationby Asfar.
"How did you get into my room?" Adeline yelled at him as her eyes darted left and right for a weapon she could use against the blonde standing infront of her...
  • obsessed
  • jealous
  • stalked
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Puppy Dog Eyes by TheWeirdGirlNextDoor
Puppy Dog Eyesby Deviant
Lylah begins crushing on the new senior boy despite all the warnings. Her crush turns into an obsession she just can't seem to shake.
  • stalker
  • boxer
  • teenromance
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Obsession *UNDER MAJOR EDITING* by AlienatedPopulation
Obsession *UNDER MAJOR EDITING*by •dysfunctional•
"You are mine baby doll and no one can take you away from me." //// I saw her after her dance class. She looked exhausted and tired. And innocent. Oh so innoce...
  • student
  • alpha
  • handsome
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