Guarding Her by Ember_In_The_Ashes
Guarding Herby Jo 🥀
Mason rubs his nose against my cheek. "I'm not going to let anything happen to you. If he even comes close to you I'll rip his head off." He starts breathing h...
  • restraint
  • protective
  • gap
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Attraction. by niellexoxo
#2 niellexoxo
A story about an obsession that has no end.
  • malik
  • interracial
  • obsession
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My Pathological Teacher •WilliamFichtner✔️• COMPLETED  by 46Nova_Lucius
My Pathological Teacher • Little Missy💕
Elizabeth Shepherd is a typical moody 16 year old girl. She has a bright future in political science, and wants to help many succeed as well as herself. She was excited...
  • mystery
  • selfharm
  • student
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Faceless.  by Wierdlycrazy27
Faceless. by Wierdlycrazy27
Ranked #1 in Stalker category! #1 in Straight #1 in Antibullying Being stalked has been a common thing. It is a cliché highschool with a cliché division of kids, the j...
  • antibullying
  • bdsm
  • adultsonly
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Unhealthy Obsession by izaswinchester
Unhealthy Obsessionby Izas Winchester
Phoebe is a normal 20 year old girl. She works on a restaurant to pay her bills, has a best friend ... But what happens when one night she meets two dangerous men who ta...
  • nickbateman
  • dark
  • obsession
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Obsessed To Her Only by haya_zee
Obsessed To Her Onlyby haya_zee
Enrique montario was 22, rich, arrogant and got into the most prestigious University for bachelors in New York. He was a topper and had three close friends. All of them...
  • firstsightlove
  • addiction
  • love
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Tortured - Jaele by Annaleese_Parker
Tortured - Jaeleby Xo Leesey Xo
Jace kidnaps Riele in the name of lust.
  • creepy
  • stalking
  • jaele
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With Love (BoyXBoy) [COMPLETE] by SeanLang
With Love (BoyXBoy) [COMPLETE]by sin
This is a much - darker - take on a crazy love story. Oliver White and Jacob Andrews have been friends since elementary school, isn't it so cliché? Let's add the twist...
  • cute
  • obessive
  • best
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The Obsessed Butcher by Vader1995
The Obsessed Butcherby Iris Carrell
Riley Ann Palmer shops at the Supermarket almost every other day after returning home from D.C. She strikes up a conversation with the handsome butcher, Charlie Phoenix...
  • henrycavillishot
  • fear
  • romance
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She Belongs to Me [A Stalker Series] by ReadingtheInsanity89
She Belongs to Me [A Stalker ReadingtheInsanity89
Emily Hayden is more than enthusiastic about her second year of college. She's enrolled in the best classes, one year closer to getting her teaching degree, and has her...
  • horror
  • possessive
  • suspense
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My Charming Stalker | 18+ by hardfeelings_
My Charming Stalker | 18+by ♀
When Sebastian DeAngelis sees Anna Crenshaw for the first time, he begins stalking her. He's making her his, no matter what, even though she's years younger than he is a...
  • dark
  • abuse
  • steamy
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Bush Wife by EvelynMyriad
Bush Wifeby EvelynMyriad
A Joshua Bam Bam Brown fan fiction. Leanna Grant is snowbound in a remote cabin with a man she barely knows. They have to survive the winter alone against difficult co...
  • romance
  • horror
  • erotica
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The Stalker #wattys2016 by sexy_beast12
The Stalker #wattys2016by Exoticwalrus
"M-Michael?" I stuttered He smirked then chuckled at me. "You didn't think I would find you? Did you?" He smirked. "I-I..." I was shocked...
  • badboy
  • lucyhale
  • love
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Kidnapped by Busybee4841
Kidnappedby Fluffy bulldogs
"What did you just say" his breath fanning my face as he pushed me up against the wall I whimpered in response "Im-i'm so sorry" my voice panicking ...
  • obsession
  • taken
  • ganglove
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Wanted By The Psycho (#5 Psycho Series) Short Story! by Aaliyah_Loyal
Wanted By The Psycho (#5 Psycho Aaliyah Turner
"I enjoy pain, darkness, killing.. So many things normal people are suppose to fear. I enjoy watching people suffer, and I love being the person who are making them...
  • possession
  • obsession
  • mental
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Stalked, His Obsession by rosesred16
Stalked, His Obsessionby Love
(currently undergoing editing and updates! yay, finally!) I gasped as the strange man stared intensely into my eyes. I had never met him before, yet his grey gaze held a...
  • stalk
  • stolen
  • kidnap
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The Boy Next Door  by wilkside
The Boy Next Door by wilkside
When affection turns into obession..
  • bwwm
  • theboynextdoor
  • thriller
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Forced to be His. by mishkamonkey
Forced to be mishkamonkey
She looked up, tears drenching her dark eyelashes. She sees him in the obsidian shadows of the room. A scream is stuck in her throat, unable to erupt from her mouth. ...
  • obsession
  • desire
  • ruthless
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Always Watching by Hamartophilia
Always Watchingby Hamartophilia
You might be alive now, but just wait until you break his illusion. **This story contains: sexual content, age difference, mental and physical abuse, violence and explic...
  • fiction
  • harry
  • onedirection
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Stalked By The Darkness.  by sumii21
Stalked By The Darkness. by Suma Pallapothu
"Everyone Dies." "Everyone who messes with my girl dies faster." "I will make it slow and painful so you better be careful." "At the e...
  • love
  • aurora
  • possesive
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