Dirty Desires by desiree_xo_xo
Dirty Desiresby desiree_xo_xo
Just your average sex one shots. All from highschool , college, to adult life, to fantasy...
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My State Farm stalker by LesboSalamander
My State Farm stalkerby Dr. Salamanders Stein
I'm being watched, and you are too, it's State Farm, there watching, there watching us all, and there watching right now.
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The Pain by kitty13244
The Painby Lola Rose
My best friend Dianna fought cancer for 19 months, now shes gone.. Just like that, nothing will ever be the same. Why does life have to be difficult? Why does everything...
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Stalker || SUHO by SugaJul
Stalker || SUHOby SugaJul
The title explains it all.....
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Danger | ASAP Rocky x Tyler The Creator  by bellahoedid
Danger | ASAP Rocky x Tyler The $
"The thought of raping you just turns me on." Tyler Okonma has been following the career of his one and only idol - ASAP Rocky. His love for Rakim Mayers beco...
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hidden by VictorPortillo0
hiddenby victorrrr
there is this one boy that is secretly a werewolf and doesn't want anyone to know until he gets exposed.
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A Day To Remember[on going] by Andrea13Lenssey
A Day To Remember[on going]by EmoGirl
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THE PSYCHOTIC STALKER //on going// by Firebreathersharvari
THE PSYCHOTIC STALKER //on going//by Sharvari Patil
Zach Klein, a 28 year old, works in the IT sector of a very well known english company "AIT Pvt. Ltd." situated in the heart of London. Zach's past seems to be...
  • murder
  • life
  • past
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I Like You, I Love You, You'd Best Feel the Same by amiyoneko
I Like You, I Love You, You'd amiyoneko
"I saw her again today. My Senpai. She was beautiful, as always. My eyes followed her wherever she went; she never noticed me, but that's okay for now. Always, ther...
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Messaggio by PiccolaBitchChan
Messaggioby Nightcore Girl
Vivi da sola ormai da anni,ma senti comunque la presenza di qualcuno vicino a te,sempre. Ti arrivano una marea di messaggi da uno sconosciuto,e tutto quello che puoi far...
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Stalker//C.M.B by Latisha_Besson
Stalker//C.M.Bby 🥀Tisha
I starred into his blue eyes. We were both silent, I start moving close, he went closer too. Our lips are inches away, I closed my eyes. Suddenly I heard a click, I tur...
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12:24 PM by jkeegan63
12:24 PMby jkeegan63
12:24 PM, rest in peace Daven Sperit...
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Is That You? by yk_jaii
Is That You?by yk_jaii
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Karlie's Nightmare by ScarlettNotJohasson
Karlie's Nightmareby Scarlett Not Johansson
Karlie Ferrec has been kidnapped for a year and a half and doesn't know because she suffered a car accident the night she tried to escape. Karlie wakes up in a hospital...
  • kidnapped
  • obsession
  • killer
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Stalked and Raped by allyberry123
Stalked and Rapedby allyberry123
*PROLOGUE* This story is about a girl l who got stalked and raped as the title suggest... cast Amanda (victim) Allison (victim bestfriend) Carlos (victim ex) Tyler (susp...
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Anonymous by NostalgicViolet
Anonymousby NostalgicViolet
''Sledoval som ťa dosť dlhú dobu.'' hs
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