Disarray's POV

"Hello?" I said, I didn't actually think Farah would want to talk to me. I was happy for some reason.

"Hey Disarray! How're you?" she asked, cheerfully.

"I'm great!"

"I hope Conner hasn't given you any trouble," she said and I laughed. I turned too see Conner looking at himself in the mirror, fixing his hair.

"He has given me a lot of trouble!" I said, teasingly and laughed.

"What are you talking about? I'm probably the nicest guy you've ever met!" he said and went to sit on my bed, and I laughed.

"You seem to get along with him. I honestly though you hated each others guts just a couple of days ago!" she said and I heard in the background Oliver laughed. I feels like I actually met Conner more then a couple days ago!

"Well aren't we kinda suppose too? I mean it's kinda shocking that we have to marry someone we don't know! I mean I didn't even know his name," I exclaimed and Conner nodded slightly in agreement. I smiled at him. He grinned and yawned and that made me yawned too.

"Yeah, Conner was like that too! So, Disarray, what fun is there to do in Florida?" she asked, curious.

"The beach!" I said, quickly.

"There's beaches here, but we never went a lot because the water was dirty!" she said.

"Oh! If you came here, you'd love the beach."

"I wish I could go! I never go went traveling."

Then I had a great idea. Farah and Oliver should couple for a weekend! That would make Conner happy. He hasn't looked gloomy lately so he isn't entirely unhappy here. I hope he could actually like me as a friend. I doubt he will ever like me more then a friend. I frowned to myself. That disturbed me a lot. I've been so tempted to kiss him, but I don't want to freak him out. He'd probably even brush his teeth afterwards! Argh. He doesn't even look interested in me and that bothered me a lot. He looked interested in Valerie! The way he smiled at her and it was obvious she liked him. I frowned to myself.

"I have a idea!" I told Farah.

"What's your idea?" she asked.

"You and Oliver should come for a least a weekend!" I said excitedly and Conner looked like he was about to bounce everywhere.

"That would be awesome, but we can't afford it!" she said and sadness swept though her voice.

"Oh! Don't worry about that! I'll have my private jet pick you up and my driver pick you guys up!" I said and I was feeling blisful. I was really looking forward seeing them. I was curious of how Oliver looked like.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?" she yelled. Conner was estatic. He's was grinning like crazy and his smile was freaking hot! He was so attractive. I couldn't stop myself for getting kinda mad of him saying Valerie was cute. I didn't like him think that about someone else. I don't know why. I didn't like him though.... Right? My heart beater fast when he told me I was better then her.

"Of course! We don't have school Monday so we have a 3 day weekend! Do you have school Monday?" I asked.

"We don't either! I'm so excited!" she screeched. I laughed.

"Yes, so you should be at the airport at 10 pm at night so you can get here like 7 or 8 am time here and you two can rest," I said. I'll need to call the airport and Francis so we can do this. I didn't like talking to Francis a lot. I didn't like the way he checks me out. It was way too perverted. Even Conner noticed.

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