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Tama na by grumpykim
Tama naby Kimmmie
Minsan kahit gaano mo pa ipagpilitan na sabihing ayaw mo na,na sawa ka na,pero ang totoo ay gusto mo pa.
  • ache
  • tears
  • fooled
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Forget Forever  by okayitsnova
Forget Forever by okayitsnova
Seventeen year old Jessica Mills, always believed in forever love. But things change when she learns a shocking secret about herself. Jessica no longer believes in her s...
  • fooled
  • love
  • romance
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I Know Not of Love by JasonWallace
I Know Not of Loveby Jason Wallace
  • fooled
  • fool
  • lie
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The Hidden Side of Me by ToProveYouWrong
The Hidden Side of Meby ♥ MatthEllen♥
When you can't speak what you feel, this is what you do...
  • broken
  • lonely
  • tired
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Bandages won't Fix Anything by heymeetdanielle
Bandages won't Fix Anythingby Danielle Go
Then, when he asked me, I wasn't ready Now, I am ready to say yes. But then you broke my heart I saw you with Lara Drunk is not an excuse I found Kyle. I was ready to mo...
  • confusion
  • heartbroken
  • fooled
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Who Is Dorothy?  by EyesScream07
Who Is Dorothy? by Surreal
Sa daan-daang estudyante ng paaralan natin... isa sa atin si Dorothy. Sino si Dorothy?
  • mystery
  • horror
  • creepy
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FOOLED |AverNactra by AverNactra
FOOLED |AverNactraby Potter
This is a story of my life. Slightly as a One Direction fanfiction but only of Harry Styles's. My first visit to a night market and how my life changed forever. My life...
  • fooled
  • paigereifler
  • dark
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Pathetic Love [One-Shot] by GroveIne
Pathetic Love [One-Shot]by Daniela Quiamco
Just a one-shot so don't expect a long definition. This story is just a pathetic love. a woman was played and fooled and all she did was laugh at it and at the end all s...
  • case
  • hurt
  • jake
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Broken connections by BhushanIyer
Broken connectionsby Bhushan Iyer
I valued betrayed ......fooled....some stories are to be told and i am telling it now
  • fooled
  • love
  • life
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Back to the Old Me by GeekinDistress
Back to the Old Meby Alyssa
  • reciprocate
  • late
  • fooled
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It Was Just That The Time Was Wrong by ailsacatherineg
It Was Just That The Time Was Wrongby Ailsa-Catherine Gillies♥
Meet Tucker, this hardworking farm boy, who's sensitive side soon shows when he falls in love with his childhood friend, Mirin Sanford. She's quirky, beautiful, bubbly...
  • kiss
  • love
  • girly
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Please darling, don't be fooled by amwrites
Please darling, don't be fooledby simba, hear me roooaaar
Don't be fooled by the mask I wear.
  • darling
  • mask
  • feelings
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Araw Araw! April fools by Stellar_Myth
Araw Araw! April foolsby Ericka Dongosa
I'd been fooled, I'd been through enough... and as far as I remember I never wish to be with him again. to be attached to him. I really don't like the idea that I'm goin...
  • aprilfools
  • fooled
  • end
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Fooled by yours by xxJeweldreamiiee
Fooled by yoursby xxJeweldreamiiee
  • love
  • revenge
  • trust
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My Heart by EmilyFlores895
My Heartby Emily Flores
It's just how I'm feeling at this moment
  • brokenhearted
  • fooled
  • emotional
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Splat by radisheseattheworld
Splatby radisheseattheworld
You always know when you are being watched. It's the feeling of when your skin goes cold and when you hear nothing but the loud sound of silence. I try to press down on...
  • splat
  • teigen
  • ăn
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I fooled the fool. by aboveaverage
I fooled the aboveaverage
  • love
  • girl
  • fooled
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