Conner's POV

When we heard someone clear their throat, we both froze. Instantly pulled away from each other. I looked and saw Farah and Oliver looking at us with big grins. We stood up and Disarray fixed her shirt and flushed.

"Hey guys!" I said and I ran to give a Farah a tight hug that lifted her off the ground. I missed her so much. We pulled back and grinned at each other. I looked at Oliver who was grinning hugely still. I gave him a hug.

I stood back and looked at Disarray who was standing behind me looking shy. She still had the blush on her cheeks.

"Farah, you already know Disarray," I said and walked to Disarray's side. They smiled timidly at each other.

"That's Oliver," I told Disarray who smiled.

"Hello," she said and went to give him a hug. Farah looked surprised when Disarray hugged her too.

"I'm glad you both came to see Conner!" she said brightly and came to stand by me again. I smiled at her.

"Do you two share room? Or want separate room?" Disarray asked.

"We share," Oliver said. 

"Get your things and follow me," Disarray said. Oliver grabbed his suit case and I grabbed Farah's. She kept smiling. Disarray lead them into a guest room.

"Thanks," Oliver told Disarray who smiled at him.

"You guys look tired and we'll let you sleep," I said. They both nodded and grinned. We left and made our way down to living room.

"Are you tired?" Disarray asked. 

"Yeah," I said and yawned. 

"I shouldn't even has to ask," she said and I laughed.

"We should go to sleep," I said and yawned again and that made her yawn. I laughed. We went upstairs and I went to my room and changed into shorts and a plain black T. I saw Disarray coming in, in shorts and a pink tank top. She was tying her hair in a bun. She closed the door and went to the bed. I went next to her and laid on my stomach.

"I hope they like me," Disarray said laying on her side looking at me.

"I know Oliver did. He seemed happy to see you. Farah likes you too."

"How do you know?" she grumbled. 

"I know them and I know what they could think," I said and yawned.

"Go to sleep," I said and closed my eyes. I went to sleep quick.

I woke up tangled with Disarray as always. She woke up seconds later and blushed when she was pressed against my body. I kissed her cheek and went to my restroom. I brushed my teeth and went back to see that Disarray fell asleep again. I looked at the clock and it was 9. I went downstairs and saw Oliver watching TV alone.

"Hey dude," I said and sat next to him. 

"Were sleeping with your wife?" he asked wiggling his eyebrows.

"Might as well get use to it, Oliver. We have to stay married for 10 years before we could get a divorce," I said and I'm not sure I wanted that either.

"You think you'll ever come to love her? I mean you already like her in the first week you came here," Oliver said.

"I don't like her. I care about her a lot, but it's only physical attraction I have towards her," I said and frowned.

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