Conner's POV

I scooted next to her so I could feel her against my body. I traced her cheek with my fingers and then softly I touch her lips with my index finger. I noticed her cheeks turning a light rose.

"I'm only upset because I admitted I was jealous before you did," I whispered in her ear. I saw her lips form to a small smile. She turned too look at me with a disbelieving look in her eyes. I grabbed her from the waist and rolled her over so I could be on top of her. I looked in her blue eyes and leaned closer to her. I was an inch away from her lips and I could feel Disarray's arms going on my back. I couldn't wait any longer. I leaned down and crushed my lips to her. I swear I didn't know why I hadn't kissed her since the first time I wanted too. Disarray pushed me closer to her. The feeling of her soft lips against mine was indescribable. We pulled back and we were both breathing hard. I looked into her blue eyes and I saw no regret in them. I wanted to kiss her again. I pulled back and she frowned.

I leaned down and kissed her. I could tell she was eager too. I rolled over so she would be above me. I let my hands linger on her hips while I felt her lips against mine. She didn't even look disturbed feeling my snakebites. I could feel Disarray's hands in my hair.

Disarray's POV

Conner's kisses was better then I ever though it could of been. His kiss was the best one I've ever gotten. His kisses were full of passion and I didn't feel empty. After I use to kiss Anthony, I didn't feel anything. Anthony was nothing compared to Conner. Yeah, Anthony was hot, but Conner could definitely pass him.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and I could feel his snakebites against my lips. That didn't bother me at all. I could feel his abs against my stomach and my boobs pressed against his chest. We're really getting carried away.

We pulled back at same time and I looked into his eyes and they were filled with lust. I knew he didn't like me, but at least he felt lust towards me. I knew I didn't feel anything for him....

I smiled at him and untangled myself from him. It looked like he didn't like it when I stood up. He frowned at me and I just smiled at him and left to my room. I could feel my cheek were flushed.

I went to my closet and chose out a black v-neck and gray shorts. I knew these were Conner's favorite color. I got a bra and underwear and went to take a shower. I took along shower because I needed to Shave. I got out and got dressed. I brushed my hair then blow dried it. I didn't put any make-up on, I don't even wear that much.

I couldn't stop thinking about Conner. I could hear him play the guitar softly again. He was jealous. He was jealous because Anthony talks to me. I still couldn't stop thinking about how Conner kissed me....

My phone started to ring.


"Hey Disarray," my friend Suzzie says.

"Hey Suzzie, what's up?" I asked. She my 2nd best friend besides Becky. The only friend I told about this arranged marriage and it's Becky. She's in London now, but she will get here in a 2 weeks and she will want to meet Conner. I know she'll probably freak when she sees Conner.

"Nothing, I was just wondering is you wanted to come over? I'm having a small party right now."

I haven't went to a party about in a month because my happy mood went down because I was going to have to meet my new fiancé. The thing is that I'm not unhappy....

"Sure, I'll go. What time?" I asked.

"Well it starts at 9 so you have about a half an hour to get ready," Suzzie said.

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