Conner's POV

"What's up? Don't like the attention?" I asked teasingly.

She looked up at us with a grin and turned to look behind in case anyone was following her.

"It's annoying. They're so nosy," she grumbled and stood next to us. She leaned her head again my side and I put an arm around her shoulder. She blushed and try to hide it. How more adorable can she seriously get?! We started walking a little and we sat in a place where students don't pass much.

We sat and just talked about random things. Then the bell rang. We both groaned at the same time and Valerie just smirked.

"Well, see you later Disarray. See you in Physics guys," Valerie said looking at with a knowing grin. She knows I don't want to leave Disarray. I rolled my eyes at her while Disarray waved at her.

"I'd walk you to your class, but you know how gossip will get. Emo boy walking beautiful girl to her class," I said and she blushed and shrugged indifferently. I pulled her into a hug and she pressed as tight as she could against me. I buried my face in her neck and I felt her shiver in pleasure when I planted my lips against her. God, I need to stop. I'm already getting turned on.

I pulled away with reluctance and she pouted up at me. I bit my lip and I couldn't stop myself as usual. I kissed her and she moaned against me. My hands went under her shirt and her hands went into my hair.


We broke part breathless looking at a teacher. The first time we kiss in school and they catch us.

Disarray fixed her shirt and blushed and I fixed my messy hair.

"Yes?" I asked innocently. The teacher looked mad. She looked red. What's the big problem, seriously?

"What do you mean 'yes'? You should know the rules about public kissing! Not acceptable!" she barked and I hid a grin and Disarray looked amused.

"Yes, m'am, nobody will be catching us again," I said and winked at Disarray. It looked like she was trying to hide a giggle with her mouth.
"No! Not again! You are not allowed to kiss or do anything but hold hands in public! Understood?" she barked and I rolled my eyes and looked at Disarray.

"Understood," I said and grinned hugely at Disarray and she blushed.

"Get to class now! Go!" she demanded and I grinned. I looked at Disarray and walked away.

Disarray's POV

I giggled lightly and started walking to my first class. Just our luck getting caught on the first day. Well, if the teacher hand't stopped us, we would have probably ended up on the grass half naked like we did this morning.

I smiled to myself and I still had tingle on my lips. God! What in the world is this boy doing to me…

I walked in class and immediately got bombarded with questions. Just great..

"Disarray! OMG! Where have you been?!"
"Disarray! God, you've gotten more sexy!" I felt uncomfortable.
"Disarray, babe, I missed you."

They wouldn't just stop. I was getting so irritated.

I sat down at my seat and every looked at me. Some told me I thought I left and wasn't coming back. I wish I could get out if this horrid school. Then Anthony came into the class room and looked at me in surprise. Ugh. What wouldn't I give to be laying down with Conner is his bed.

Anthony walked to me and sat next to me.

"Disarray, where have you been?" he asked and I turned to him reluctantly.
"I was away. Personal reasons," I said and sighed. He frowned, but looked relieved.

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