Disarray's POV

It was about 2 am when everyone started leaving. The twins ganged me into a bear hug. I started laughing so hard when they turned to Conner and grabbed him in a bear hug. And he hugged them back. He's so cute! Denise just left without saying anything, which I could care less really. She was checking Conner out all night which started to irritate me.

Alexandria and Daniel were always together. When Conner and I pulled back from the New Years kiss, I could feel the tension between them. They really wanted to kiss. They do make an adorable couple... Conner is just a jealous brother, but I'm sure he'll get over it eventually.

I was looking for Conner and I found him outside talking with Daniella. I could tell she liked him. She never really opens up with anyone and she just clicked with Conner.

I guess he heard the clicks of my heels and he turned around showing a grin. Daniella happy smile she had, disappeared right when she saw me. I don't know why she never really liked me.

"Hey Princess," Conner's smooth voice said next to me. I snapped out of it and looked up at him. I smiled and shrugged indifferently.

"I'm just saying bye to Daniella," he said and looked at her. She smiled and left without even looking at me. But then she turned around to keep looking at him. Ugh, she finds him attractive. Well, who wouldn't?

"You like checking me out," he stated with a smirk.

"You like me checking you out," I teased and ran my hands over his chest. I felt him shiver and look at me with a hint of lust in his eyes. There was something else but I couldn't name it.

"We're leaving in the morning?" Conner asked.
"I think around noon, my mom wants to talk to me about the wedding stuff," I said. He smiled and nodded. He pulled me back into the house. Just my parents, Daniel and Alexandria were there.

"Hey you two, we're off to bed now," my mom said with a smile. She hugged both of us and went upstairs with Dad. Alexandria and Daniel were just talking, not even looking a tad bit tired.

"Night guys," Conner said and yawned. We went upstairs and went straight into the bed fully clothed.

"I'm tired," I whined and knocked my heels off.
"Go to sleep then," Conner said, kissing my cheek.

"I need to change," I said and started getting off the bed.

"I'll help you," Conner said and pushed me back on the bed. I moaned when he laid his lips on my neck and I felt his hands on my back.

He unzipped my dress sliding it off. My hands traveled on the hem of his shirt and pulled it off. His hands trailed down to my thighs causing me to pant.

"I spent all night trying not to rip your dress off," he whispered and pulled off my nylon. My hands went to down to his pants and I started to unbuckle his belt. I forced it off and threw it on the ground. He grunted when I put my hand over his bulge. I pushed him against the bed and laid kisses all over his chest.

I sat up and with a quick hand movement, I took my bra off. He moaned at the sight of me bare chested in front of him.  

He reached out his hands and grabbed them. I moaned and went closer to him. His mouth went over to one and started sucking on it. My hands went down and touched him. He grunted.

"Disarray," he panted, "you should know by now that the rule is to keep underwear on." He didn't sound happy saying that.

"Well," I said and went and lower, till I got to his v line "Your boxer has a hole," I said and grabbed hold of his hard erection.

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