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Assisting Miss Adams (GirlxGirl) NEW VERSION by LBrooks23
Assisting Miss Adams (GirlxGirl) N...by Lauryn Brooks
"It's not every day that one can say their hot roommate is also their American History teacher..." Sam's never had an easy life. Whether she's battling the...
  • adams
  • girlxgirl
  • lesbian
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Your's forever by Alefiyahfaeez5253
Your's foreverby Alefiyah K Faeez
Damon Knight is the most handsome and eligible billionaire... CEO of the Knight enterprises... A man who is the dream of every girl... arrogant and cold ... from outside...
  • firstbook
  • billionare
  • simplestory
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Honeytrap | Dave East by KayTheWriter__
Honeytrap | Dave Eastby Keiara
hon·ey·trap ˈhənēˌtrap noun A stratagem in which irresistible bait is used to lure a victim. In life your either a victim or a survivor. Either your playing the game or...
  • urban
  • lies
  • murder
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Don't hurt me, I'm a virgin. by IllicitImagination
Don't hurt me, I'm a virgin.by Lia
"Let's finish off where we've started shall we?" He says huskily. His voice seems to be calling my libido but before I could respond, Jeremy has taken me in h...
  • romancestories
  • generalfiction
  • miss
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Miss Good Girl | ✓ by LittleNerdDreamer
Miss Good Girl | ✓by LittleNerdDreamer
**EDITING** My parents, had a cliche story. My dad was a bad boy. My mom was the good girl. They got together in the end and had me. Kelsea. A.k.a: good girl. Spinoff t...
  • highschool
  • girl
  • cliche
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imagine (asa butterfield) by asa-beautifield
imagine (asa butterfield)by asa-beautifield
just a few imagines for a few spectacular asanators <3 »requests open«
  • fan
  • field
  • home
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The Good For Nothing Seventh Young Lady (1-200) by KPOPPER_4_EVER
The Good For Nothing Seventh Young...by Ruth Docteur
This is not my story, this is only for offline reading. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She was the godly thief of the 24th century, yet she was reincarnated as a good-for-nothing idiot...
  • historicalfiction
  • miss
  • genius
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Frozen- Enoch O'Connor by Huff_le_puff16
Frozen- Enoch O'Connorby Huff_le_puff16
Peculiar. What a funny word. There was something peculiar, about the word peculiar. There were also many other peculiar things in the world. Like Hattie Flanagan, she wa...
  • mphfpc
  • frozen
  • fanfiction
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quiet and lovely by delusionalandsad
quiet and lovelyby a.
just random stuff i think about that sounded nice in my head
  • thoughts
  • miss
  • him
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All Or Nothing by creazy_girl123
All Or Nothingby creazy_girl123
Aria sa presťahovala z Kalifornie do hlavného mesta Washingtonu.Ma tam svojho priateľa Kaia ktorého pozná už od dectva.A kamaráta Samuela s ktorým ju Kai zoznámil raz o...
  • teenagers
  • miss
  • badboy
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in training  by kittykitty133
in training by kitty kitty
Heathers world is turned upside down when her moms boyfriend ships her off to an academy for bdsm and she has to learn how to behave and understand what bdsm is all abou...
  • girl
  • kink
  • miss
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A Thug baby mama by KearraHarrison
A Thug baby mamaby Braceface keke
this girl Jordan was found out she was pregnant by her boyfriend for 5 years let's see if they have a happy ending of a horrible ending
  • love
  • babymama
  • ex
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asa butterfield ▹ imagines [ON HOLD] by acastleabovearrows
asa butterfield ▹ imagines [ON HOL...by r
A.B. + J.P. + G.E. IMAGINES | REQUESTS CLOSED imagines and one shots about the one and only asa butterfield. the collection will involve asa butterfield, jacob portman...
  • oneshots
  • jacob
  • asabutterfield
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His Human Mate by anotherprinces
His Human Mateby anotherprinces
When Alexa stumbles into the woods well being chased, she discovers a whole new world. One where she has a mate and he's a werewolf. She claims to be kidnapped by him, a...
  • mates
  • love
  • romance
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Abomination - Enoch O'Connor  by Catlove3321
Abomination - Enoch O'Connor by Catlove3321
she's stubborn. she hates being touched and she doesn't like many people. her hair is nearly as black as the heart she wants the world to think she has. in the eyes of...
  • jakeportman
  • mphpc
  • children
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WHAT'S NEXT ?! by SoulfullySufficed
WHAT'S NEXT ?!by Aly
I need people to know about these amazing fiction books which should never be overlooked. I have a mix of genres here, with series all uploaded in order. After rea...
  • robthier
  • generelfiction
  • notclichés
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The older woman (girlxgirl) by corgikix
The older woman (girlxgirl)by zeellieee
the story of olivia and justice
  • dominant
  • lesbianromance
  • youngergirl
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Fire and Lightning (Book One) [Young Justice fanfic] by Lizardgurl
Fire and Lightning (Book One) [You...by Lizard aka "Stealther Gurl"
For reasons unknown, she's blind and she's somehow found herself wandering a forest. The rain stings her skin as it pours down and her antiseptic-smelling clothes sudden...
  • ocs
  • justice
  • flash
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Heartache on The Big Screen by samara_anne
Heartache on The Big Screenby samara
A lot can change in 3 years. Meet Rayna Mitchell. She's fun, outgoing and an absolute lovely person. With her family, group of awesome best friends and her boyfriend, li...
  • screen
  • friendship
  • best
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Rejeted and missed by falling-love
Rejeted and missedby falling-love
"She lying"he said I got up and pulled him to my room "Exhibit A"I pointed to the bed "Exhibit B"I pointed to the bucket "and Exhib...
  • miss
  • mstes
  • love
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