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The Everyday Adventures of Sam and Megan (GirlxGirl) by LBrooks23
The Everyday Adventures of Sam and...by Lauryn A. Brooks
This is a spinoff series of "Assisting Miss Adams" (GirlxGirl): After moving away from Baldwin the summer after graduation, Sam and Megan embark on a brand n...
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krypt●nite by ohjuliette
krypt●niteby a c h a
I write because nobody listens. --- A poem collection Written in 2 languages 🇮🇩🇬🇧 Updated (almost) daily © 2016 by ohjuliette
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His Shortcake by HonorableRascal
His Shortcakeby Honorable Rascal
xxxx His Shortcake xxxx "You're back! You're back!" She giggled happily. I hug her body closer - tighter, to mine. "My shortcake..." I breathe. "...
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His Human Mate by anotherprinces
His Human Mateby anotherprinces
When Alexa stumbles into the woods well being chased, she discovers a whole new world. One where she has a mate and he's a werewolf. She claims to be kidnapped by him, a...
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Leaving Me Behind by Shani_AM_AWESOME
Leaving Me Behindby Shani_AM_AWESOME
Who helped Dylan get his first audition? Me. Who gave Dylan all the support when no one else would? Me. Who was Dylan's best friend? The one person who pushed him to ch...
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Heartache on The Big Screen by SAnovels
Heartache on The Big Screenby sam
A lot can change in 3 years. Meet Rayna Mitchell. She's fun, outgoing and an absolute lovely person. With her family, group of awesome best friends and her boyfriend, li...
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Act Like You're in Love {Niall Horan} by aurorallycrowned
Act Like You're in Love {Niall Hor...by steph
[Completed, unedited] Niall and Mariah walked hand-in-hand for the cameras. The cameras only, they both said. But of course, that was not the case. They acted in love f...
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Crawford Collins fanfiction- More Than Friends by MollyBlack9
Crawford Collins fanfiction- More...by MollyBlack9
"Truth or dare?" Crawford asked. "Truth." "Tell me one thing that you haven't told anyone else." My heart started racing. "Only I know...
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[***[EDITING]***] Dancing Styles (Harry Styles Fanfic) (Watty Awards 2012) by rinkadink
[***[EDITING]***] Dancing Styles (...by Lucy
For her 16th birthday, Lucy Martin received a "present" from her childhood bestfriend, Louis Tomlinson; she got to be a backup dancer for One Direction. Things...
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Rani's Toy's by HoundsInTheShadows
Rani's Toy'sby HoundsInTheShadows
Lucas is a stalker and psychopath who has been obsessed with Rani for a year. Rani/Miss is a cunning, strong girl who will take crap from no one. After Lucas kidnaps he...
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Living with the Lockhart Boys [Completed] by KristieBoo
Living with the Lockhart Boys [Com...by Kristen-Anne
When Cherry's friend died three and a half years ago, she spiralled into a depression fueled by grief, alcohol and self-harm. Her best friend pulled her through it, but...
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Miss Romaro's Joy by kingtozz
Miss Romaro's Joyby KingTozz
The love story of Joy who's in college and meets Miss Romaro. And well, they keep at it and fall in love?
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Hunter by LovelyWriter123
Hunterby D.M. Emerald
When Aubrey meets the handsome Hunter Grey she can't help but want to know more about the mysterious stranger. As she learns more about him she learns all the people she...
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Love Uncle by puputn99
Love Uncleby ❂puputn99❂
Tiba-tiba saja ibu Jessica Carolate ingin menikahkannya dengan sosok Raditya Noegraha, atas permintaan mendiang ayahnya. Raditya Noegraha adalah sosok pria tampan, cerda...
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Honeytrap | Dave East by KayTheWriter__
Honeytrap | Dave Eastby Keiara
hon·ey·trap ˈhənēˌtrap noun A stratagem in which irresistible bait is used to lure a victim. In life your either a victim or a survivor. Either your playing the game or...
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Sanskar Maheshwari, a famous industrialist in kolkata known for his egoistic behavior feels an inexplainable attraction towards his employee who is working in his compan...
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Still Into You [EDITING] by applednuts
Still Into You [EDITING]by SN
Her: Trust, a powerful word. Once it was broken, it'll never be back to its original structure. Him: I'll prove myself. I once commited a mistake, but I'll let you see t...
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Superman's Daughter (Young Justice Fanfiction) by hikari46
Superman's Daughter (Young Justice...by hikari46
A girl named Kathleen Kent is the daughter of Superman. Her powers are completely different from him except super hearing and ability to fly. She was been cursed by an u...
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Abomination - Enoch O'Connor  by Catlove3321
Abomination - Enoch O'Connor by Catlove3321
she's stubborn. she hates being touched and she doesn't like many people. her hair is nearly as black as the heart she wants the world to think she has. in the eyes of...
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That Bitch Dancer is a  Virgin by Taemiks
That Bitch Dancer is a Virginby Me Is Kool
Shakia's world revolves around her family,she would give up everything just for them.She didn't care if she have to give up her dignity,her pride,or her own life for th...
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