Conner’s POV

Mike stood there, it was like I didn’t even exist and looked at Disarray with eyes filled with emotion. He saves her life and then starts liking her? Was there a chance that Disarray could start liking him? Since he saved her life?

I’m not attracted to guys, but he isn’t bad looking. He’s probably her type, because I’m nowhere near her type. He isn’t blonde nor does have blue eyes, but he still probably beat me.

I looked at Disarray who shined a smile up at him, I could feel a clench in my chest. Is it bad that I don’t like her smiling at other guys like that besides me? I hate feeling jealousy, I shouldn’t even feel it in the first place.

“Mike, hi!” she exclaimed in her adorable voice anyone could fall for. I hid my frown and tried to change it into a sincere smile, not that he would notice. All he was looking at was Disarray.

“Disarray,” he breathed.

I frowned when Disarray stood up from her seat and got Mike into a tight hug. I took a deep breathe trying not to show my distaste. I didn’t like her giving her beautiful smiles at other guys, why would I like watching her hug someone else too?

“How have you been?” she asked, gesturing a seat in front of us. He sat down, never leaving his eyes off her.

“I’ve been good, your dad gave me a job at one of his buildings,” he said and turned to me, with huge amounts of reluctance, which was obvious. I doubt Disarray could tell. She just looked happy looking at her savor.

“Conner,” he stated, raising a hand out. I shook it without wanting to; I’m not going to be rude to someone who saved Diz’s life. I just didn’t like him.

“Mike,” I stated back, forcing a grin. After that, he turned to Disarray right away. But then he frowned because she was looking at me, with an adorable smile. I grinned and leaned in and pecked her lips, making her cheeks pink.

“That’s great that my dad gave you a job. That isn’t enough though. I hope you know how much gratitude I have for you, Mike.”

“I think anyone would have saved you, Disarray,” he said with a grin. I bit my lip and turned away before I socked him in the face for trying to flirt with her. My phone rang and I looked down.

“Who is it?” she asked.

“Hello?” I answered.
“Conner, dude, where are you guys?” he asked, I could tell he just woke up.
“We’re at this café. Why?”

“Well, you need to get home and get fitted for your tuxedo,” Daniel mumbled. I grinned, an excuse to get back. I'll make her something to eat at her house.

“Alright, we’ll be there now,” I said and hung up.

“What is it?” Disarray asked.
“I have to get to your house and get fitted for my tuxedo,” I said and she grinned.

“Mike, it was great seeing you,” Disarray said smiling at him and I seriously saw his heart melt. I ran a hand though my hair, frustrated. I hope I don’t see him anymore. I sound like a jerk, but I just didn’t get a good vibe from him. Even if he did safe Disarray’s life. Maybe I’m just over-thinking.

We stood up and turned to Mike, who was frowning hugely.

Disarray stepped in and gave him a light hug, and he wasn’t letting her go. I was about to pull on her arm, but she had an awkward smile on her face and pulled back and went towards my side. Unable to hide my grin, I nodded at him and pulled her with me.

I could feel his stare on us, following as we walked out.

“You don’t like Mike, huh?” Disarray said, grabbing my hand.
“I just don’t have a good vibe around him,” I mumbled.

“You’re cute when you’re jealous, Con,” she said with a cheeky smile.
I rolled my eyes, “don’t call me cute.”

We got to the apartment; Daniel and his dad pulled me with them right away. There was a lady there with tape line around her neck and hands on her hips.

I felt very awkward as she measured me. Her hands touched my ass and I yelped lightly. Daniel saw and started laugh, I flicked him off and tired my best not to turn red.

Mrs. Anderson came in and grinned at me.

“Would you like the tuxedo to be all black or classic?”
“Does it matter?” I asked, as I fixed my hair.

“Anything you like.”
“Classic then please,” I said and walked away. Getting fitted for my wedding tuxedo just gave me the chills. We're still too young.. I went upstairs and saw Disarray sprawled on the bed.

We spent the day by going to the statue of liberty and at night at time square. Tomorrow was New Years, I was getting nervous, and I didn’t want to meet her family. They’ll probably think I’m not good enough for her, which is true.

I dressed in the darkest jeans I had. They weren’t too skinny. I put on a dress shirt I bought for this occasion. Makes me look more.… smart.

“Conner!” Disarray called from the restroom.
“Yeah?” I called at the door. She was sitting on her chair with a straightening iron on her right hand.

“Can you help me straighten the back please?” she asked, sweetly.
I groaned, “what if I burn you? What if I burn myself?” I asked and went closer to her. I saw her roll her eyes and handed me the iron.

“Awww!” we both turned and saw Alexandria standing at the door.
“What?” I mumbled and kept straightening her hair.

Disarray smiled at Alexandria. I rolled my eyes, girls…..

I went to finish getting ready and waiting for Disarray to come out. My jaw seriously fell when she walked out.

She had a classy black dress that went to her mid thigh. I looked at her long legs, so attractive… she had her straight long blonde hair swaying down her shoulders and a bright pink blush across her cheeks as I idolized her.
“You look amazing,” I managed to mumble.
“We look spiffy!” she squeaked. “Are you ready to meet the family?” she asked, giving me a mocking grin. I rolled my eyes. She pulled me downstairs, practically forcing me.

“I’ll just sleep on the couch if you don’t mind,” I said and started walking towards the couch ignoring all the eyes of people I didn’t recognize.

“Conner,” she groaned and pulled me to her side. She started walking towards an elderly couple, who were looking right at us. The woman was looking at me from head to toe, as the man was grinning right at me. I felt awkward and gripped Disarray’s waist tighter.

“Grandma, Grandpa, this is Conner, my fiancé” Disarray said brightly, I couldn't help but smile.
“Sir,” I said and shook his hand. He hand I rough grip. Her grandpa was about my height and ironically the grandma was Disarray’s height.

“Ma’am,” I said, more nervously. I’m sure it didn’t show though. She looked at me, with eyes that made me just want to hide.

“Conner, have you given any thought of school?” was the first thing she asked.  She kept questioning me. Some things random, but some things were too awkward.

“Have you two had sex?” she asked. I bulged my eyes, and Disarray turned red.

“That’s a yes,” she said quickly, “I just hope you two are being safe.”

“Grandpa! Control her!” Disarray said and he just chuckled.

She pulled me away and I turned around.

“Great meeting you!”

As she was introducing me to her relatives, I felt a stare. There was a girl, blonde hair, blue eyes, looking straight at me. She looked about our age, but no where near as attractive as my blondie.

“Disarray, why aren’t you going to introduce me?” she said and put her hand on my forearm. This chick goes straight at it..

“Denise, this is Conner, my fiancé,” she snapped.
“Nice to meet you,” I commented as Disarray pulled me away once again. I looked around and saw Alex with Daniel, sitting on the couch just talking and laughing. On the other couch, I saw a couple of people our age, but looked less… Denise.

“Disarray!” A guy exclaimed and ran towards her. He pulled her away from me and gave her a bear hug. I laughed as he wiggled her around. This guy was my height, but super built.

“You must be Conner!” he said and shook my hand.
“Yup and you are?”

“What the hell? Disarray! Why the hell haven’t you told him about me?” he practically yelled and everyone turned to see him. They turned away and just continued what they were doing.

“David, calm down,” Disarray said and rolled her eyes. He frowned at her and turned to me.

“I’m David, Disarray’s favorite cousin."
“No, I’m her favorite cousin,” a voice said from behind. I turned. Whoa, he has a twin! They had a different hair style, but the resembles was mind mind-blowing.

“Shut up, Drake! She told me I was her favorite cousin when we were 7!” David snapped. They were both buff as hell and started walking towards each other.

“Well, she told me that when were 8!” Drake shouted. I looked around and no one even seemed interested in their argument, like it was normal.

Then they started wrestling. Little kids about 5 years old surround them, laughing. I tried my best not to laugh as they wrestled, yelling at each other.

"I'm so sorry you have to see this," Disarray mumbled, giggling.

"Break it up!" Disarray's dad yelled, sounding bored.

They stopped and both turned to Disarray.

"Disarray," they yelled at the same time. "Tell him I'm your favorite!"

"You both are my favorite," she said and giggled. I turned and noticed another girl sitting on the couch just looking amused. She seemed quieter than all the cousins.

She caught my eye and turned away quickly.

"That's Danielle," Disarray whispered,  "she's really shy, but maybe she could get along with you!"

"Why would you think that?" I asked her.
"She like's all the bands you like. I wish I was more like her so we'd have more things in common," she pouted at me.

"I'm sure we have things in common," I said, looking in her blue eyes.
"Like what?"

"We both like sleeping, eating, and you know…." I trailed off smirking at her. She blushed and hid her head in my chest.

"Go talk to her, please. She doesn't like to me much since we were kids, and the only one she really talks to is with your sister," she said pulled away from me.

"You won't get jealous, right?" I teased. She rolled my eyes and pushed me towards the shy girl.

"Hey I'm Conner," I said and sat next to her.
"Danielle," she mumbled with a shy smile.

"Disarray told me you were into Alesana," I said slowly. She snapped her head towards me.
"You know Alesana?" she said.
"I know every song," I said with a grin and her eyes went bright.

"There was a concert here a while ago, but my parents wouldn't let me go," she mumbled upset.

We started talking about all the bands. Then Disarray came and sat next to me.

"Hey," I said and kissed her cheek.

"Hey Danielle," Disarray said.

"Disarray, how are you?" she said politely. She looked at Disarray with an envy that surprised me.

We got into an awkward silence until Disarray stood up.

"Go outside with me?" she asked.

"See you later," I told Daniella as Disarray pulled me outside.

"Eager to get me alone?" I said and she wrapped herself around me.
"You've been talking to Daniella for a while. You seemed like you were having a good time, but I wanted you back," she said with a flirtatious smile. Her lips looked so nice I had to kiss her, but I noticed all her family was looking since we left the door open.

"How did they find out we were engaged?" I asked, curiously.
"My mom told them we've been together for a year and just like teenagers, we got engaged," she explained.

"They seem nice, you're grandma is very…."
"Crazy? I know," she said and giggled. I leaned down and kissed her shiny lips.

"AWWWW!" We turned and saw the guy twins look at us and Denise just looked annoyed.

"My cousin's are crazy," she said looking straight at them.

"We should go upstairs where no one could see us," I whispered in her ear.
"Are you trying to kill me?" she whimpered and pushed me away.

"Teen hormones," Drake said.
"Shut up Drake, we're the same age!" Disarray snapped.
"No we're not! I'm a month older," he replied, grinning.

"And I'm older then all of you!" David said, with a goofy grin.
"You're only older than me by an hour!" Drake yelled.
"I'm still older and stronger!" David said. Drake pushed him.

"Ohoh, so you wanna fight?" David yelled and then they were on the ground.

I burst out laughing and Disarray went and grabbed them both by the hair.

She looked so cute when she was mad.

"I told you guys I was bringing my boyfriend and not to act like two idiots!" she snapped which made me laugh harder.

"Princess, calm down, they remind me of how me and Oliver would get," I said between chuckle.

"Yeah Princess," Drake and David said at the same time.

"You guys aren't my favorite cousins anymore," she said and pushed them. I swear they looked like they were about to burst into tears.

"Disarray!" they whined and followed her. She hid behind me. She's so cute.

"Conner, bro, please get out of the way so I can beg," Drake said.
"I'll beg better," David said.

"You guys aren't to see me!" she teased.
"Let them beg," I said and pushed her forward.

They grabbed her in a tight hug, screaming amends.

"Twin's are pretty stupid huh?" I turned and didn't even notice Daniel and Alexandria standing there. She's way too close to his side….

"Daniel, we could take you down," they said as they let Disarray down.

"2 against one? Lame," Daniel said and Alexandria giggled. She never giggled…

"Children! Come in here! New Year is almost here!" A lady said, who looked like David and Drake yelled. I see where they get the loud voice.

"Ready for the new year's kiss?" she asked me as we waked in.
"You know it." 


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