Birth Stories by hot_words_writer
Birth Storiesby Allie
Here are some of my stories, all fairly short, about different birth themes, from lesbian to in the woods and even one alone in a mall bathroom. These are definitely a l...
  • birth
  • teenpregnancy
  • labor
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Youth | Switched at birth | by Skyblue700
Youth | Switched at birth |by Skyblue700
"I don't talk. But when I found out the truth about everything and met you, you changed me. I just want to say thanks for the change." - Hannah Vasquez In whi...
  • family
  • switchedatbirth
  • deaf
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He Came With the Wind by ghzasd
He Came With the Windby ghzasd
Ashley Milton didn't think that she will have her baby in a windy night at home only with her little family.
  • birth
  • domestic
  • homebirth
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MERMAN SAM by RockNRollGirl101
MERMAN SAMby Carl Grimes
Story takes place right after: SAMMY'S gonna have BABY'S?! When Dean finds his younger brother, Sam laying limply in the bathtub with all his clothes on,he thinks Sammy...
  • castiel
  • sam
  • horror
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We named him after your eccentric uncle-Morgan! (Pepperony Pregnancy) by konami2003
We named him after your SAM.exe
After the events of Infinity War, the remaining avengers and captain marvel have defeated Thanos and destroyed the soul stone, making half of the universe as well as the...
  • request
  • family
  • marvel
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Playing Hard. by BOSSBRINCESS
Playing P R E T T Y M O N E Y
seen the bullshit coming and fell for it .
  • thug
  • love
  • lies
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Teen Wolf Mpreg by supercute24
Teen Wolf Mpregby crispy
If your looking for mpreg then you've come to the right place. I'm also taking requests
  • male
  • derekhalefanfiction
  • teenwolf
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One direction mpreg stories or one shots by Priceisrightrusher
One direction mpreg stories or Priceisrightrusher
Q/A session
  • harry
  • tomlinson
  • pregnancy
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Sins Of The Father (TRLS) by AlanaRiddle
Sins Of The Father (TRLS)by Alana Darlyn
Complete with sequel published - She was sent from the future to bare the heir, now lets see if she can teach him to care She came bearing a curse, but what his did w...
  • insemination
  • roslyn
  • fanfiction
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Snake x male demon reader by ClaudeFaustus123
Snake x male demon readerby Claude Faustus
This is a sequel to my first story Claude x male child reader may contain mpreg and a couple of lemons
  • snake
  • mpreg
  • birth
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Jasmine [JEFFMADS NEXT Thomas Jefferson
So if you had ever readed my Jeffmads one shot, and already readed Jeffmads child then you'll get this also i'mm copy, and the like the 2 chapters, and for 3 i will be...
  • mullette
  • next
  • generation
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Darkstache Mpreg Replacements by WritingAtRandom
Darkstache Mpreg Replacementsby WritingAtRandom
I replace ALL of my mpreg Labor/Birth scenes with Darkstche!
  • markiplier
  • gay
  • malexmale
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Not Just Labor by AnSimit
Not Just Laborby AnSimit
This experience wasn't just pain, wasn't just love. Instead it was a balancing scale of both.
  • romanticsuspense
  • romance
  • pain
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Pregnant and rejected by my twin mates by maddieRules12
Pregnant and rejected by my twin maddieRules12
Maddie is the alpha's daughter. Matthew and Taylor are soon to be alphas. What happens when they meet and find out their mates. After one night together Maddie falls pre...
  • moon
  • rejection
  • bestfriend
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Queen Athena by BellewithaJ
Queen Athenaby Belle
"A child Alpha and Luna, a child was left by our border" A guard came, busting through the door. A look of fear evident in his eyes, as his pants of breath was...
  • mystical
  • mythical
  • queen
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The breeding program by storytime13
The breeding programby storytime13
My name is Heather. I am part of the breeding program. An elite group of 'perfect' human beings. The Lebensborn Programme or 'Fount of Life' Follow m...
  • romance
  • historicalfiction
  • birth
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My Kids by DEVIL1415
Keith was never a paladin of Voltron. But instead he is a Galra solider and he wants out...
  • lotor
  • keith
  • coran
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Birth of a Wish by Imagistre
Birth of a Wishby Imagistre
A small being awakens from their slumber only to find themselves in an unknown world. With a only a puzzling object in hands and a peculiar inner voice to guide them th...
  • exploration
  • kirby
  • friendship
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Phan mpreg ones shots by Calum_hood_sister
Phan mpreg ones shotsby Calum_Hood_sister
Tittle explains it
  • phandom
  • mpreg
  • otherships
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Assassin Mate + Possessive Alpha = One Fun Ride by ninja_kittyXD
Assassin Mate + Possessive Alpha Shaine
Emmet is a badass Assassin. And she has been one since her parents died. She and her twin are a rare form of werewolves. They can shift into both felines and wolves. Now...
  • ending
  • children
  • mates
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