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On the Verge ~ (Seth Clearwater Imprinting Story) by DimpledMe
On the Verge ~ (Seth Clearwater Angel
Seth Clearwater doubted his chances of imprinting, until Violet Brown,a selfless girl moves to La Push, bringing along her unpredictable father, a painful empty hole in...
Idiotic Mistakes (Zarry Mpreg) by CaramelCreamCoffee
Idiotic Mistakes (Zarry Mpreg)by CaramelCreamCoffee
Underage Drinking always ends badly, Zayn knew that, so did Harry. So why am earth they allowed their Idiot group of friends to convince them otherwise they'll never kno...
Family Forever- H.S. Fanfic by 1Dstuffjustforfun
Family Forever- H.S. Fanficby • mel •
"Management is gonna be so mad,"Camryn sobs pulling away from Harry's chest to look him in the eyes, "they're gonna kick you out of the band." "...
Heartbreaks Heal (Larry Mpreg)  by CaramelCreamCoffee
Heartbreaks Heal (Larry Mpreg) by CaramelCreamCoffee
Louis has been a paramedic for five years now ... seen and experienced things you'd never believe. Yet not once has he ever been thrown into a situation he couldn't hand...
17 & Pregnant By My Cousin by lovingmy_lilstank
17 & Pregnant By My Cousinby taleshia wade
17 year old Sha'quria life takes a turn... She's been messing with her cousin behind her mom's back and ends up pregnant. When her mom finds out things take a turn for...
Captain America's child *One Shot* by DustInTheWind021
Captain America's child *One Shot*by Czarina Aleksandra
Captain America finally has a deserved vacations from the avengers & saving the world. But he never minded that he'll meet the love of his life so early or worst, get a...
The loss of a daughter by B_Minnie
The loss of a daughterby B_Minnie
Not many people know this, but Albus Severus Potter was a twin. This is the story of what happened the day they were born
misery by ViscousVixen
miseryby Fallen-Angel-007
After cheating on his wife, a drunk Francis Valois contemplates his choices that lead to this moment.
Special Delivery by Newarski
Special Deliveryby Peter P. Newarski
A policeman finds himself confronted by a memorable medical emergency.
Playing Hard. by BOSSBRINCESS
Playing B E A U T Y P E N
seen the bullshit coming and fell for it .
Into The Moon (Book one) ........(First few chapters need serious editing) by leighxxx
Into The Moon (Book one) ........( leighxxx
Abby Grace is a normal seventeen year old girl, well normal in the sense that she wants to meet a guy, make some friends and be like all the other "normal" kid...
My Sweet Christine ( Erik and Christine phanfiction) by Cornelia-Phantom
My Sweet Christine ( Erik and Cornelia
This is a one shot story of Erik and Christine and the birth of their child. I do not own anything! I hope you will enjoy it as mutch as I enjoy all of you.
Hunter - Book 2 of the Hunted Series by Corinder
Hunter - Book 2 of the Hunted Corinder
Anne, an Australian, has escaped and has started to heal. Even now though that werewolf, who calls himself Master, who bit her and tortured her for almost a year is cl...
The Demon Inside Me by LimeButterflies
The Demon Inside Meby Trash
Imagine all the trouble that could be caused when YOU fall in love with Sebastian Michaelis, the famous demon butler all Kuroshitsuji fans have come to love. But, who'd...
All the ways you know me | Twilight FanFic | Bella & Edward by FlamingMapleLeaves
All the ways you know me | FlamingMaple
Tragedy strikes just before Bella and Jacob can welcome their baby. Still waiting for her chance at vengeance, Victoria is emboldened by Jacob's death and then thwarted...
Waking up... pregnant?! by tmoney_04
Waking up... pregnant?!by 💙💜T$💜💙
Different short stories of girls waking up pregnant. I do take requests.
Dark On Me by ViscousVixen
Dark On Meby Fallen-Angel-007
~Reign AU/Modern Oneshot~ Mary moaned incoherantly as the pain started to die down a little. "Is it easing?" Catherine asked. Mary nodded and Catherine reached...
Babies on ice by camogirl151018
Babies on iceby Christy Tipps
This is a Yuri on ice mpreg one shot. basically, each chapter will be about a different ship and they'll have a baby together. If you don't like it, don't read it. I jus...