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Never Come Close /Meliodas X Male Reader/ by iwanttobeforgotten
Never Come Close /Meliodas X Male...by Casper
In purgatory Yn grew up learning nothing but pain and isolation, but the demon king forced him into the outside world with his eldest son.
  • gowther
  • nanasunotaizai
  • malereader
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The Voice in my Head {Melizabeth!~} by kactiforever
The Voice in my Head {Melizabeth!~}by kɑԵԵ (DAD HAS PHONE)
Elizabeth Liones is the most popular girl, mainly for her looks. She has had a voice in her head since she was little, but she doesn't know who. Meliodas also has a voic...
  • ban
  • melizabeth
  • nanatsunotaizai
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A New King - An unOrdinary Fanfic by Deathdagger354
A New King - An unOrdinary Fanficby Deathdagger354
After Seraphina's suspension, the students at Wellston do their best to break John one by one, until he snaps. After defeating Arlo, John dethrones him and becomes King...
  • royals
  • uruchan
  • blyke
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From Sunshine to Moonrise  by Unknownbattle
From Sunshine to Moonrise by 🖤Unknownbattle💙
Two sisters Aku and Elanie. both sisters do not realize each other until they get called to the office read the story to find out more.
  • elaine
  • aku
  • sunshine
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The Denouement of the Nemesis by Ms_Exquisite
The Denouement of the Nemesisby Aysel and Ailsa
||Highest Ranking : #105 in Werewolf #44 in Assassins|| "I don't understand." The woman whispered, shaking her he...
  • elaine
  • rogues
  • love
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Adulteress - ON HOLD by Iolair05
Adulteress - ON HOLDby Iolair05
I went to Sunday school regularly and accompanied my grandmother to all her church activities. I thought life is simply fulfilling when I follow her footsteps... Until I...
  • mistress
  • adulteress
  • romance
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A Love to Give That Leaves You Breathless(Ben Bruce Love Story)(On Hold) by AlyFallenAngel16
A Love to Give That Leaves You Bre...by Alejandra
Elaine Pitts is an 18 year old girl that works for Black Veil Brides because her brother is Jake Pitts. She pretty much Is BVB's maid while on Warped Tour but she doesn'...
  • danny
  • james
  • black
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The Dragon Knight by almightykasumi
The Dragon Knightby Vikki
Shiek and Sekki. Inseparable partners. Strong fighters. Wanted criminals. Shiek was blamed for murdering a Holy Knight in cold blood when he attacked her first. She was...
  • seven
  • nanatsunotaizai
  • criminal
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The Fairy's Tail (2.0) by DragonCrystalElaine
The Fairy's Tail (2.0)by Elaine Dragneel
Elaine Crystalia Is a very dangerous kind of dragon slayer known as a Crystal Drago Slayer. The royal family has always had crystal magic, but never has one been a drago...
  • natsu
  • thefairystail
  • elaine
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New story group by rainbowconzyo
New story groupby Marrion
  • dylan
  • model
  • scene
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another world | [wolno pisane] by iamelamoonsin
another world | [wolno pisane]by 🄴🄻🄺🄰
❝ᶜᵒ ʲᵃ ᵗᵘ ʳᵒᵇᶤęˀ ᶰᶤᶜ ᶰᶤᵉ ʷᶤᵉᵐˑ ᶜʰᵒˡᵉʳᵃ ʲᵃˢᶰᵃˑ ❞
  • inny
  • świat
  • portal
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Secrets of the Cliff by RobbyBird_14
Secrets of the Cliffby Robyn Wilkerson
The story of how Elaine Howards became a werewolf started when her childhood friend, Gabe Martinez moves back to town after living in L.A for the past six years and thin...
  • lovetriangle
  • warriorseries
  • darren
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Best Friendss ✨ by Elaineexo
Best Friendss ✨by Elaine
People always say that boys and girls can't be best friends because they always end up liking each other but Aiyanna doesn't agree... Will her and Jay break the status q...
  • elaine
  • romance
  • teen
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Hope by AMOneAndOnly
Hopeby A.V. Munoz
Everybody needs hope, some more than others.
  • brokenfamily
  • help
  • inspiration
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How Can I Love When My Heart's In Pieces (High School AU [King x OC{Anura}]) by CriminalMindsFangirl
How Can I Love When My Heart's In...by Scarlet
Anura is a normal 14 year old freshman in a stereotypical high school. That's right. The cliques and all. She's been heart broken twice and thinks she'll never get the c...
  • king
  • sevendeadlysins
  • grizzlysin
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my love by ElaineCastro005
my loveby Elaine Castro
hi crusz mahal kita ngunit may mahal ka din iba ehhh NONG nakilala kita biglang napangiti sayo kala ko ikaw na ang mahal ko ehh :( pero nong nakita kita may kasama ka...
  • elaine
Our last promise by GrizzlySinHarlequin
Our last promiseby Sin of Sloth [HIATUS]
  • war
  • tried
  • deltaxelaine
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broken glass slippers by ragingtheseas
broken glass slippersby ragingtheseas
(sequel of that sad fairy tale) ❝i realized something: maybe the beast didn't have to be with bell, or snow white to be with some boy she met while cleaning! certainly i...
  • cinderella
  • elaine
  • california
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