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Becky's POV

I turn to see her fiancé and my jaw dropped. He's emo or what ever they call it, but.... he's gorgeous! Shaggy black hair and gray eyes! I've never seen gray eyes before! He's tall and a little built. He's wearing all black and he looks nervous.

"Hello Rebecca," he says politely. Woah! His voice is hot.

"What's your name?!" I ask getting closer to him. He took a step back.

"Uh... I'm Conner," he says and looks at Disarray. She walks next to him and he relaxes.

We sit down on the couch, but Disarray sits next to Conner. I frown. Conner is really hot, and I bet Disarray could get him even if the arranged marriage didn't exist. I looked at them and he whispered something in her ear that made her turn pink and pull his hair. He laughed quietly and kissed her jaw. She blushed deeper and pulled away and looked at me.

"You guys seem to get along even though it's an arranged marriage," I said.

"Yupp!" Conner said and Disarray laughed. Conner seems like a really nice guy. I hate it! I want a guy like him. I want him.

Conner's POV

Disarray's friend is creeping me out. I feel like she's going to stalk me or smack me, I dunno.

"What do you guys do together?" Rebecca asked.

"We eat together, buy food, massage each other's back," I said and laughed. Disarray rolled her eyes. Rebecca seemed to be upset about something.

"No one at school knows about it, Beck, so don't say anything," Disarray said. I nodded, agreeing with her.

"Yeah, I know," Rebecca said. She got a call and said she needed to go. She gave a hug to Disarray and then gave me a hug. It was freaking ass awkward! It surprised me more when she kissed my cheek. I instantly pulled back, she looked upset and left. What the fuck. Looks like I hurt her feelings.

"Your friend is weird, Princess," I said.

"Something is different about her. She kept..... looking at you... weird," Disarray said frowning. I went to sit next to her and she rested her head on my shoulder.

"I guess I'm just to irresistible," I said and pretended to give a flustered sigh. Then I laughed.

"She seemed attracted to you," she said bluntly.

"Really? I highly doubt it," I said. She didn't reply, but had a cute pout on her lips. Her lips. I missed kissing those sweet lips.

I need to control my hormones. I need to find her less attractive. Like that's going to happen though! She's being hot even if she doesn't know it! I frowned and looked away from her lips.

"I don't know, Prince," she said jokingly, "it seems like she got upset about something. I don't know what's wrong with her," Disarray said.

"Maybe she's just tired from the flight or something," I said and she plucked her lips. Ugh, too attractive. I haven't kissed her in a week. Argh.

We spent the weekend together. We went to the movies and I taught her how to skate. We went to Best Buy and bought more movies.

It was Monday. I didn't want to go to school again.

"GET UP AND GET READY!" was the first thing I heard when I woke up. Disarray yelled it from her room. I groaned and got ready. I wore gray skinny jeans and a black plain T. With of course, my all black vans. I looked in the mirror. My hair is still shortish. I'm not going to let it grow out so much anymore, its too hot for long hair.

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