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The Potions Master by ayallaisntokay
The Potions Masterby ayallaisntokay
Please remember to vote and save to your reading list, comment too, it keeps me going ^^! ~ Y/n a is girl in her second year, her house being Slytherin, and she's ready...
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snape's daughter, harry's sister by alaskagracie
snape's daughter, harry's sisterby alaskagracie
Little does Severus Snape know, he and Harry Potter share a connection that goes far beyond Lily Evans. As an unsuspecting father and an orphaned brother, a young girl i...
  • severus
  • draco
  • hermione
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Darkest Desire by SamanthaWilde
Darkest Desireby Sam
Aurora Beauchanan is many things, and apparently being a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is about to be added to that list. With quite a few secre...
  • goblet-of-fire
  • witch
  • ron
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Severus Snape x Reader Story by FanFictionsUnite
Severus Snape x Reader Storyby FanFictionsUnite
Severus Snape: one of the most despised Hogwarts Teachers; the Head of Slytherin House and The Potions Master. Rude, snarky, and generally cold-hearted, it's not a wond...
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When All is Lost One is Found by Rinoaebastel
When All is Lost One is Foundby Rinoaebastel
Severus Snape lives his life in shadows with the goal of redemption and the specter of his demise at the forefront of his life. People he trusted always used him and gav...
  • severuspov
  • romance
  • severus
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The Half Breed Princess (Snape X OC) (COMPLETE) by Snape_and_Malfoy
The Half Breed Princess (Snape X Snape_and_Malfoy
Her Name was Elizabeth Carlisle. A Pale, Silver-haired Vampire gifted with a rare, unusual gift that no other has ever possessed. She lived most of her life alone in the...
  • magic
  • ravenclaw
  • always
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Tutoring || Severus Snape x Reader || by uvisaa
Tutoring || Severus Snape x lilly
Hogwarts, the best wizarding school-no doubt. Any young wizard would be lucky to be enrolled there. Especially you. Don't get me wrong, you're a great student....but not...
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Devotion [Severus Snape Love Story] by Taishou_Angie
Devotion [Severus Snape Love Story]by 大正アンジー
"She is not a witch." Said Albus Dumbledore. "What are you saying, Headmaster? Her magic skills are undoubtedly at the epitome! I do not wish to offend yo...
  • love
  • malfoy
  • sirius
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Snape Memes by sara_failed
Snape Memesby sara
Snape memes!!!
  • hp
  • harrypotterpuppetpals
  • funny
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A Potter Secret by ScarletWSilver
A Potter Secretby Scarlet W Silver
My life is full of magic. I was barely a few months old when you-know-who came and killed my parents. My brother, Harry, was almost four. They sent him away but I was to...
  • anotherpotter
  • cedric
  • snape
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Delusion (A Severus Snape love story/Harry Potter fanfiction) by patdfanatic
Delusion (A Severus Snape love patdfanatic
It's Harry, Ron and Hermione's sixth year at Hogwarts. Along with Ron's twin sister Melody the trio are set for yet more misdemeanors. This year will prove more meddleso...
  • severus
  • romance
  • potter
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Severus Snape and Violet Marner (i want to die plz don't read this) by jackskellingtonrulz5
Severus Snape and Violet Marner ( 🅱️epression
Violet has been abused ever since her mother died. But after her father kicks her out she meets Severus Snape, someone who might change her life. And she finds out some...
  • severussnape
  • snape
  • harrypotter
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Harry Potter and the Classification Potion by rachelih
Harry Potter and the rachelih
Everyone gets tested and classified at the age of seventeen, except Harry Potter. When Severus Snape forces Harry to drink the potion the results are not as expected.
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  • nonsexualageplay
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The Wolf's Howl by JK_PaRdOn
The Wolf's Howlby Min Naeki-Yeom
Mysterious invaders, dangerous attackers, and.....a fluffy Animagus? Severus x Harry, don't like don't read. Set in 8th year.
  • snarry
  • potter
  • magic
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Severus Snape imagines by Lol2508
Severus Snape imaginesby Lol2508❤
A/N: *WARNING, this story might contains some rude language and other things that some readers might find offensive! Read at on risk!* ______ Imagines about the one and...
  • snape
  • slytherin
  • alanrickman
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Always (Snape X OC) (COMPLETE) by Snape_and_Malfoy
Always (Snape X OC) (COMPLETE)by Snape_and_Malfoy
(4 years before Philosopher's Stone) A Young Half-blood witch by the name of Lillius (Lilly) Connell has finally gotten her Hogwarts letter, Though when she arrives at H...
  • professorsnape
  • phoenix
  • slytherin
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Serised {Harry Potter} by diocles
Serised {Harry Potter}by diocles
Harry Potter was known for many words throughout his life. Prodigy, Coward, Traitor, Liar, Murderer, Faker, Power, Beauty, Intelligence, Darkness, Death, and Defeat. But...
  • voldemort
  • genius
  • deatheater
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A New Take on Harry Potter by stormfan1393
A New Take on Harry Potterby stormfan1393
What would happen if someone took baby Harry from the Dursley’s before they’d even taken him in? If someone came after Dumbledore, Mcgonagall, & Hagrid had left? What if...
  • weasley
  • nagini
  • salazar
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Finding Your Place  by Agarciarondon
Finding Your Place by Agarciarondon
At The Battle of Hogwarts Harry is given a choice that will alter everything we know. Is it the best or worst decision our hero has ever made?
  • harry
  • nonconsensual
  • snape
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Forbidden Love (Draco Malfoy Love Story) by KatherineIn
Forbidden Love (Draco Malfoy KatherineIn
Pearlina Wideacre was born half mermaid and half witch. Her parents love were forbidden. Their love resulted with the birth of their daughter who didn't really know her...
  • gryffindor
  • romance
  • hogwarts
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