Conner's POV

"OLIVER!" I yelled and tackled him with a hug. I couldn't believe he's here!

"Conner! Dude, your alive!" he yelled. I laughed and pulled back.

"Why wouldn't I be alive?" I asked. I looked behind him just to see Francis leaning against the limo, I frowned.

"Where's Fay?" I asked.
"She couldn't come," he said and I saw Disarray dismissed Francis with a wave and a smile. He grinned hugely at her and left. Ugh. 

"Not to be messed up, but why are you here?"
"Thank your little Princess," he said and laughed. I raised an eyebrow and we all walked in and sat down, Oliver only had a duffle bag. Disarray leaned against me and smiled.

"What happened?" I asked.
"Well, you wouldn't answer your phone! We were getting worried and then called Valerie. She wouldn't say anything to us, she said it was to personal. You sent Farah a text that you were okay, but that didn't convince me. Then after one of my hundred calls, Disarray answered," he said and grinned at Disarray.

"She told me what happened and told me if I wanted to come for at least a day... I said yeah," he said.

"Well, I'll leave you two alone," Disarray said. She left upstairs carefully.

"Tell me what happened," Oliver said.

Oliver's POV

"I thought Disarray told you," he whispered and looked away from me. I stayed quiet for a minute and looked at him, his face turned to anger.

I'd been so worried about him. He's my best friend or even a brother to me. We've got drunk together. 

"She told me, everything. The thing I don't understand was why didn't you call me? Answer my calls? I was worried shitless!" I exclaimed and huffed. Conner looked at me and his eyes showed remorse, sorrow, anger. He opened his mouth and then shut it.

"I was embarrassed," he grumbled eventually. I frowned, not understanding why would he ever be embarrassed in front of me.


"Oliver! I was embarrassed because I didn't want you to see how weak I've become! Don't you understand? I cried fucking tears for her," he exclaimed in a whisper. I gasped. He cried? I've never seen him cry even when he broke his arm!

"No way…," I said still in shock. How can he not realize that he loves her? He cried, for God's sake! He never cries. He's in denial.

"See?! That's why I didn't want to tell you! You probably think I'm a pussy now," he exclaimed and went outside. I groaned. I swear Conner is PMSing sometimes…

I followed him outside and he sat at the curb. I went to sit next to him.

"Dude, I'd shit tears if Farah was in Disarray's spot. I love her Farah, I'm going to cry. You... Love Disarray, you're going to cry," I said and he looked at me.

"I don't love her," he snapped and I smacked the back of him head.

"What was that for?" he demanded and rubbed his head. I just barely noticed his hair was shorter then it ever was since I've met him.

"You have to stop being in denial! You LOVE her!" I exclaimed and he frowned.
"No, I don't."

"I swear Conner, I'ma kick your ass," I grumbled and he smirked.

"I..I just care about her a lot. And I have a huge physical attraction towards her; that's all!" he said after seconds of silence. I groaned and smacked him behind the head again. He growled and socked me on the arm. Then I socked him on the ribs.

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