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One Friday Night [SAMPLE][ Yvonne
»She's walking down down the aisle after all« Allie never expected that her dream wedding would come crashing down days before the big date. Everything was in place; exc...
  • engagement
  • hilarious
  • marriage
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Inconsolable by AinsliePaton
Inconsolableby Ainslie Paton
Sometimes the only way to forgiveness is through love Foley has a new boss she doesn’t like, a flatmate who’s been known to wear odd shoes, and a car that’s ready to pac...
  • romance
  • australia
  • tear-jerker
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Mermaid Bay  by deltagirl1720
Mermaid Bay by deltagirl1720
River is just starting to get use to this beautiful island of Hawaii, who knew such a small island could hold such big secrets! Join River as she discovers new cultures...
  • hunky
  • love
  • hawaii
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Spin the bottle by chloe_rocks1234
Spin the bottleby chloe verdaria
Two bestfriends are very happy with their relation ship until they attend a mind blowing party! A life changing party even! What they don't know Is this party will chang...
  • gunky
  • bestfriends
  • disastorus
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Coming in 2015. A paranormal romance, with a hunky ghost, a sexy couple and just enough spirits to make you wonder what the heck will happen next. Get it soon on Amazon.
  • what
  • pirate
  • past
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The Pretty One by AnimeAngelG
The Pretty Oneby :D
  • kiss
  • park
  • james
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Where the Wheat Grows High {ON HOLD} by Katie_Caze
Where the Wheat Grows High {ON Caze
Merigold Bhelle lives on a wheat field in Oklahoma with her busy and loving mother. Her father died while serving in the army and the two desperately needed help. Merigo...
  • romance
  • heartbreak
  • heart-warming
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May I have this chance? by jackieex333
May I have this chance?by Jackie Gonzalez
Most stories are about the nerdy girl that goes through some crazy transformation and turns into someone that looks nothing like she did at the beginning of the movie an...
  • betrayal
  • humor
  • hunky
The Blur In My Head by Priscylovepepa
The Blur In My Headby Priscylovepepa
A girl in her early twenties believes In the sort of fairy tale love endings but all the loves she has been through come trembling down but there is this specific one th...
  • goodwill
  • hunky
  • misdirection
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A Beautiful Disaster by AbtQueen
A Beautiful Disasterby GelyenBalm
LEI ALVAREZ is famous in modelling industry, she can get whatever or whoever she wants. She failed once and she'll never let to be fail again. She was afraid to be a fai...
  • disaster
  • baby
  • romance
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Underground by RavenousRaven
Undergroundby Raven
Mia and Juliette, best friends way before people began being sucked into the earth, including them. They've now accustomed themselves to living a life underground - for...
  • mia
  • hawt
  • kidnap
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Float by Sdelauter
Floatby Sdelauter
When Maggie and her family unexpectedly move across the world to California what's gonna happen to her life? Friends? Her life turns around when she meets the hunky boy...
  • float
  • briana
  • beau
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Taming The Lost Hunky Bear (By Shayen S) by DesireInLoveBookClub
Taming The Lost Hunky Bear (By DesireInLove ~ Shayen S
Nadine, a private nurse got a job to cure a paralyzed man in a rich family. She finds her patient has uncooperated behaviours. He's cold, rough and depressed!
  • rugby
  • paralysis
  • hunky
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Memes & Shit by Hunky_Nutter
Memes & Shitby The Hunky Nut🥜💦
  • funny
  • hunky
  • dank
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Completely Random  (NA - work in progress) by LTMarshall
Completely Random (NA - work in L.T.Marshall
Amelia is a nineteen-year-old recovering tomboy with a fetish for tripping over her own feet. With the best boy mate you could ever ask for and the face of a twelve-year...
  • cute
  • sexy
  • first
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Fire and water don't mix, yet I still love you. by Hunky_Nutter
Fire and water don't mix, yet I The Hunky Nut🥜💦
Fabian is you average, typical nerdy boy who you would normally see in the library, computer lab or doing some sort of genius science experiment. His life was completely...
  • popular
  • loveatfirstsight
  • hunky
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Chicken Soup for the cliche girl's Soul by GossipGirlTwilight
Chicken Soup for the cliche girl' GossipGirlTwilight
... OoOoOooOO... It's ladies night.....
  • vampre
  • scene
  • hot
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Average Girl + Hunky Prince by clowen
Average Girl + Hunky Princeby J.C. Lowery
In a tale for the ages we meet our handsome and rich musician prince and the ordinary young girl with a menial part time job at Starbucks. She was a beauty in his eyes...
  • hollywood
  • hunky
  • prince
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