Disarray's POV

"We didn't wait," Conner told me and trailed a finger down my naked back. I closed my eyes and kissed his chest. 

"I wanted to wait," he whispered strained and then he added, "it's your fault you're so irresistible..." 

I laughed.

"I think we waited long enough" I mused and he gave me half a grin. 

He rolled me under him and his lips were at my neck. I moaned and my hands trailed down to erection and he suddenly pulled away. I frowned and let out a hand for him to come back.

"Ah ah ah, Disarray, we're going to wait and now… it's going to be even harder" he said playfully and grabbed his boxers.


"Conner!" I whaled and grabbed his boxers. He laughed and kissed me then pulled away. He leaned in again.

"Trust me, princess, I want to, but waiting is going to built up tension isn't it?" he said against my lips. He was going to pull away, but I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck and kept kissing him. 

"You seduced me!" Conner said breathless and I giggled. He laid under me and I kept kissing his chest. He groaned and kissed my lips. I melted under his touch.

"You're going to be sore tomorrow," he whispered and I frowned. "You'll at least massage my thighs right?" 

"Of course I will, now let's go to sleep."

I cuddled against him and he wrapped his arms around me.

"I love you," he said against my forehead. I smiled and kissed his neck lightly. "I love you too."

"Conner are you asleep?" I mumbled after a few minutes.

"No" he replied. 

"It's midnight" I said and kissed him "happy birthday!" he laughed. 

"I think the birthday boy deserves a treat" I whispered against his lips and his hands gripped my tights.

We woke up by a knock at the door. Conner groaned and I sat up. We were still naked. Last night was amazing. I felt my cheeks warm up as I remembered how his hands trailed all over my body. I smiled remember how I seduced him after. And his birthday present.

Now we had to wait and neither of us wanted too. But he was right; it was going to be extra sexual tension. 

I saw Conner shrug on some short and I pulled his shirt over my head and went into the restroom. I groaned lightly as I walked, I am so sore. 

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