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Disarray's POV

I let out a groan. My body is so sore. I open my eyes slightly and see Conner putting his jeans on. He's shirtless and his short-long hair is wet. He has this frustrated look on his face. He put a black shirt on and then turned to look at me. His gray eyes looked relieved when they lock with me.

He walks towards me and sits next to me.

"Uhh... How do you feel..?" he asked and looked worried.

"I'm just stiff. My rib hurts...," I whispered. Tears started to produce. I quickly wiped them away. Thinking about what happened to me, was horrifying.

"What happened, Disarray?" Conner asked.

I looked at him. I decided I should tell him. I.. I trust him.

"I was going to go to Time Square... But I had to pass by a really ghetto place to get there....," I whispered. Tears started coming again. Conner wiped then away with his thumb. I immediately calmed down. He moved and laid next to me. I closed my eyes and let myself rest on him. It was strange. I only feel safe with him. I looked for him, when I woke up. I didn't even acknowledge my family members. When I saw Conner, I almost burst with relieve. I felt so much better with him.

"Tell me what happened, Disarray..," Conner said. I looked up at him and his eyes were looking up at the ceiling. But his arms around me was tight and comforting. The looked on his face is worry. He's worried about me. My heart felt warm.

I look a deep breath, which made my rib hurt. Conner's eyes flashed down at me with worry.

"What's wrong?!" he asked.

"It's nothing. Just the rib," I said. He frowned and rubbed his face with a hand.

"What's wrong, Conner..?"

"Don't worry about me. Tell me what happened.."

"As I was walking down the alley.... A man grabbed me from the back and started telling me how....." I couldn't finished.

"Tell you what..?" Conner asked. His face was red with anger.

"He told me how beautiful I was.. How I have a nice... ass.. and.. and how... how good it is going to... to rape.. rape me. I pulled away.. I started to run, but he was faster then me! He tackled me and then my leg hurt really bad. I... I started screaming... and.. and he started hitting me..." I sobbed. Conner turned and fully pulled me against him. I started to calm down. I cried into his neck and I felt his hand on my back.

I pulled back and looked at him. His eyes were filled with hatred and anger. It surprised me. I put my hand on his cheek and his eyes went sad too.

Then I put my head on his chest again. I need to finish telling him even if it's painful..

"I bit him on his hand and he started to hit me really hard... He called me a bitch... Then everything went blurry, he would hit me every time I cried in pain... Then.. Then... he put a knife under my neck!," I said and cried, "he said if I didn't shut up, he'd.. he'd kill me! Oh Conner! I was so scared!" I sobbed and pressed myself to him. I was so scared I was going to die and never see Conner again. While I was getting hit... I was having these strange flashbacks.

My first kiss with Conner. How I woke up in his arms for the first time. How he cooked for me. How he made me blush for the first time. When he first called me princess. I remember crying when I remembering this. How he would smile his full grin at me. How I jumped on him after out first kiss. And when we about to have sex. How his hands roamed my body and a sensation feeling of pleasure all over me...

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