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Conner's POV

"Dude, I know you and my sister like each other, but seriously, you guys have 2 rooms to do your shit!" Daniel said. I rolled my eyes. I know I like Disarray, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't like me in that way. Just physical... I gave a frustrated sigh.

Daniel actually helped me cook and we just kept joking around with each other. Hopefully Daniel wouldn't be interested in Alexandria in that way..

"Are we going to do anything today?" Daniel asked as I took the plates out.

"Uhh... I don't know, I'll see what Dez wants to do," I answered.

"We should go to the bea-" he didn't have time to finish because Alex rushed into the kitchen.

"What Alex?" I asked, giving her a 'what the hell?' look. I looked at her expression and she looked scared, I felt my stomach sink.

"Something's wrong with Disarray," she rushed and left running. I dropped the plates not even hearing them fall and ran past her to her room. Something's wrong with Disarray, is all I need to hear to go insane if something happened to her.

I stalked into the room and she was laying on the floor, unconscious, I felt the blood on my face drain.

"Princess?!" I yelled trying to move her.

She was breathing and I felt myself relax a little. I picked her up and took her to my room. I was suddenly pissed.

I laid her down and went back to her room.

"What the fuck happened?!" I demanded. Daniel was yelling something in a phone and I turned to Alexandria.

"I heard her yelling something and when I came up to see her, she was on the f-floor. That's when I went and told you," she said and then I went to Daniel who was still on the phone. So whoever was on the phone, was Disarray's fault she fainted.

"Who is it?" I growled at Daniel. He made a face, he didn't want to tell me.

"I'll call you back," Daniel said and hung up and he looked at me. I raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to answer me.

"Uh.. It was my mom," he said and then his expression turned mad.

"What did she tell Disarray?!" I demanded when he wasn't saying anything.

"She told me that she told Dez that she wanted you and her to go to New York for New Years and I guess that's why Disarray fainted...," he explained.

"Are you serious?! Doesn't your mom know what Disarray's been through at New York?! You're mom shouldn't have even mentioned that to her!" I yelled, angry. I walked out and went to my room. Disarray was laying still, but with a pained look.

Jesus, what's her mom thinking even mentioning that to her?! It wasn't that long ago that she was attacked. She even told me she didn't want to go back there. I sat next to her, and touched her face. Her pained face went away and she leaned into my hand.


I turned to see Daniel and Alexandria, Daniel was holding the phone to his ear. He was talking to his mom, great. I knew she was a nice lady and all, but right now, being the one that made Disarray faint because of her ridiculous idea, I didn't even want Daniel to mention her.

"She wants to talk to you," he said holding out the phone. I stared at it. If I talk to her, I'm pretty sure I might blow up. I didn't like her right now, but being my future mother in law, I couldn't be rude either. I sighed and grabbed the phone.

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