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Crush On My Bully BxB by sammieanimeluvr
Crush On My Bully BxBby Sammie (ง'̀-'́)ง
#847 in Teen Fiction - December 6, 2016 Crush On My Bully is NOWHERE ELSE except on Wattpad and (a tiny bit) on Quotev. (The chapters get longer around chapter 15 and...
Gerard Way x Reader - Awake and Unafraid by fan-of-the-fandoms
Gerard Way x Reader - Awake and Un...by m᥆᥆ᥒkᥒіgh𝗍
It's gonna be fluffy It's gonna be frustrating It's gonna be kinda sad Oops
emo Peter x y/n by Claire_12310
emo Peter x y/nby Claire_12310
the cover is not mine also the story includes smut abuse rape bullying smoking drinking and other stuff
Kickflip | bxb by ccstarfield
Kickflip | bxbby CC Starfield
Summer, 2003. An easygoing teen skateboarder and his insensitive best friend must navigate their changing friendship when a flirty boy comes between them. ***** Sixteen...
My Mute Emo Boy(BWWM) by bootsielow
My Mute Emo Boy(BWWM)by bootsielow
Oliver was a selective mute who never talked to anyone but his family. Dalilah a girl who talks all the time. What happens when Delilia changes schools and has a sudden...
I Saved The Gangster  by julia_vida
I Saved The Gangster by princessjules
Cassidy Morgan, a woman who does not give a damn in the world. She wears clothes that call for no attention. She dyes her hair to mask its true color. She disguises hers...
Memes by skunkberry99
Memesby Elizabeth Midford
Dankest of shit you'll find from someone that fits this description. Aquarius, ENTP, Hufflepuff, Ace, Left Handed, Satanist, yeemo, extroverted, full of shit, Anime watc...
new kid (Judd birch x reader) by fuckinmint526
new kid (Judd birch x reader)by no body
y/n is the new girl at a school near the house her family recently moved into. she makes a few good friends the first few days and eventually is confronted by the school...
Silent Cry (BoyxBoy) by BethieSimone
Silent Cry (BoyxBoy)by Bethie
TW: Social Anxiety, Sexual Assault, Domestic Abuse. Mitchell is the new kid at school. Everyone thinks he's a freak. Its true. Maybe. He wears only black. His hair is bl...
addicted: judd birch x reader by digit4ldrugl0rd
addicted: judd birch x readerby 🦇
anastasia is a 15 year old british school girl, raised without a father and with a problematic family. whilst going through the far end of her exam year, she meets Judd...
Good Boy Gone Bad  by ruddjsnsh
Good Boy Gone Bad by ruddjsnsh
Vegaspete KinnPorsche Inspiration from TXT song Good Boy Gone Bad
Rodrick's Plan *** A Rodrick x Reader Fan fiction by MrsRodrickHeffley
Rodrick's Plan *** A Rodrick x Rea...by MrsRodrickHeffley
UNDER EDITING You have moved to Plainview because you earned a scholarship that requires courses your school doesn't provide. Rodrick Heffley, your neighbor and town Bad...
bee movie smut  by dooperman
bee movie smut by dooperman
This is about the hottest bees in town
Little Rollins by JazzyVenecia46
Little Rollinsby 🦊Jazmine🦊
Megan Lopez a.k.a Ashley Rollins is a WWE Diva. She is making her return to the business after almost a year and a half of receiving injuries and getting her heart broke...
Hey There, Delilah by MP13Girl
Hey There, Delilahby McKenna
What would you think if you received letters from someone and it seemed they could never be caught? This just so happens to be Delilah's problem right now. The police ha...
Can I stay? (Gerard Way x Reader) by Freyathegeekgirl
Can I stay? (Gerard Way x Reader)by Freyathegeekgirl !
You get to go to your first every MCR concert .. a dream come true and everything is perfect. Well until the end... Disclaimer: This story includes self harm, depression...
It's not a phase  by Vaporeon700
It's not a phase by Tay 👻
A Colby Brock Fanfiction <3
Grow Up (Frerard)  by desolationglow
Grow Up (Frerard) by <3
Gerard is a troubled student. By senior year, his father has just died, his brother is shunning him, and he's lacking friends. Things only get worse when he falls for Fr...
Mi  Pequeño Diablo | Carlos  M. by madrigalzz
Mi Pequeño Diablo | Carlos M.by camillion
Being part of the Madrigal family wasn't easy for y/n. Too much responsibility and expectation, people telling you what to do and people quickly judge you if you've done...
Pickup ˚ ✞ . Andy Biersack by SEX-DRIVE
Pickup ˚ ✞ . Andy Biersackby ✞leechy✞
"I picked her up at a gas station, Now I'm in love with her." - - #1 in following tags: Andy Biersack Andy black Andy sixx Bvb Bvbfanfic Black veil brides