The Misfit Outcasts by Alexhadenough03
The Misfit Outcastsby Addielovestacos
Alex and Finn have a complicated past, and an even more complex future. When emotions clash, who will rise above the odds and move on, and who will be hurt and left behi...
  • emo
  • realisticfiction
  • romance
Blew Seals Not Fxxk by Crimson107
Blew Seals Not Fxxkby Crimson107
It's just an average Peterick fanfic, except they're seals, because seals are cute, and also gay.
  • emo
  • gay
  • ryden
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FRANK TOPS by emitos
FRANK TOPSby sanitos y helados
frank tops po esa es la unica verdad
  • emo
  • wea
  • frerard
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smut by emitos
smutby sanitos y helados
que tanta wea
  • emo
  • frerard
The Ghostess With The Mostess by GerardHadAnIdea
The Ghostess With The Mostessby Dead Inside
"I bet you want to ask me how i died."
  • ghost
  • paranormal
  • mychemicalromance
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book of edgy poems,,,, I don't even know by hozyhsm
book of edgy poems,,,, I don't eve...by edgy shit
it has suicidal themes in the future??? maybe?? its literally a book of my emo poems.
  • yeet
  • suicidal
  • dark
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elysian//ferard by angstyboyvirgil
elysian//ferardby killjoykiddo
ferard fan fiction. i mean there isn't much to say, it's kinda slow rise but Gee already likes Frankie
  • gay
  • mychemicalromance
  • ferard
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16.  Another day you'll learn to live . by tealpetals
16. Another day you'll learn to l...by tealpetals
  • kurokonobasket
  • school
  • akashi
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《record player》 by sweetheartally
《record player》by ally☆
music recommendations and more!
  • emo
  • music
  • lyrics
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Rot Bitch. My heart is breaking. by coachdraco
Rot Bitch. My heart is breaking.by D R A C O
Fiction, of course! Took me 2 minutes to construct.
  • bestpoetryever
  • emo
  • rot
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Ryden Smut by MeikoLixii
Ryden Smutby Meiko Denise Lixii
Take this present you lil emos
  • ryden
  • gay
  • bxb
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How to emo: 101 by GoEatYourOrange
How to emo: 101by GoEatYourLemon
Tips, tricks, advice an pickup lines for the confused emos who need help. (Especially those in highschool like me!) I'm no professional, but I'll tell you everything I k...
  • howto
  • emobands
  • advice
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A depression by yoongiismybae098642
A depressionby yoongiismybae098642
lol I'm really depressed
  • deppression
  • anger
  • sadness
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//Matt Healy X Reader// by winterofasgard
//Matt Healy X Reader//by Lavender Winters
//Matt Healy x Reader// Requests are open~~ Comments n suggestions appreciated <3
  • matthealyxreader
  • one
  • fanfiction
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*Insert pretty cool title* by BlazeDoesReading025
*Insert pretty cool title*by *No One*
*Insert pretty cool description*
  • lbgtq
  • welcome
  • moredepression
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Blog Personal by arkxwai
Blog Personalby arkxwai
Aquí hablaré sobre mis gustos personales: musicales, ropa, vestimenta, etc. Además, podrán dejarme que subir en los comentarios y preguntas... BAI
  • girl
  • boy
  • tags
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♡ Algo interesante para hacer ♡ by YangAndBlueLove4Ever
♡ Algo interesante para hacer ♡by 🍍✖None✖🍍
Jsjs lee el libro y lo verás :D (warning: no lo leas si eres homofobico oh sensible) espero que te guste, querido lector. Ya que me eh decidido de una vez por todas escr...
  • gay
  • emo
  • lgtb
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What Color Will My Hair Be Next?? by the_Emo_taco
What Color Will My Hair Be Next??by the_Emo_taco
Basically it's an inside look for all you weirdos how often an emo kid changes their hair color. Nothing special, just the color, a pic, and the date the pic was taken...
  • color
  • scene
  • goth
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Save Me ☹ (tw)(brendon urie) by falloutkennedi
Save Me ☹ (tw)(brendon urie)by girl you love
she's losing the feeling of feeling unique..
  • self
  • alternative
  • fiction
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A Book Of Songs by Desaturated_Soul
A Book Of Songsby Azrael
Some shit I write when I'm emotional
  • emo
  • music
  • sad
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