Alexandria's POV

 "Shall we go?" Conner said. I looked away from Daniel and looked at Conner. He was looking at me with an eyebrow raised. I rolled my eyes and nodded. Over protective brother! Just because we were smiling at each other. 

I turned to see Disarray giving Daniel a weird look and then we started walking. Conner was in front of us with Disarray and had an arm over her shoulder. I seriously thought they hated each other! I mean, I've only been here like 5 minutes and they've been giving each other little looks and I bet they don't even notice. 

"You look surprised." I turned and Daniel was looking down at me with his gorgeous blue eyes. Daniel and Disarray must have a good looking family because they're both very attractive people. Daniel especially. So yummy...

"That's because I am," I said and tied my hair into a cute messy bun. Conner and Disarray were talking and Disarray would blush while Conner laughed. He's laughing! Wow! He sounded so carefree! He never laughed or smiled much before he left. Now... he seems so different.. 

"You're surprised for just seeing them hold hands and giggle? Trust me, I was surprised when I first saw him," he said and snorted. Conner turned to look at us when he heard Daniel and then turned back around. 

"What happened?" I asked looking up at him.

"I caught them making out in his room almost naked," he said in a flat voice. My eyes went wide. I couldn't help but laugh a little at his expression and he just glared at me. 

"I guess I have better luck than you," I teased and he rolled his eyes. I smiled. I was never popular back home. I didn't talk to hot guys or the popular guys. I don't have a boyfriend anymore and I get a little sad sometimes. I feel really lonely. I started to feel lonelier since Conner left because I use to talk to him about everything. 

He would come to my award nights when my parents didn't sometimes. He would be proud of me and that made me happy. I loved how randomly he would just go into my room and sit down and talked about the most random things ever. 

I had a couple of friends who had huge crushes on him. He would notice and shake his head with a smirk. Even thought Conner had snakebites and an eyebrow piercing and was a rocker, he was great. And my friends found him extremely attractive. I loved bringing him to my award nights, I had a great brother when people thought he was stupid of how he dressed. Those people are losers. 

The day he had to leave, he was extremely depressed. More depressed than I ever seen him. He came into my room and just sat with me. I hugged him tight and I remembered I was crying. I knew I'd miss my big brother. He was telling me goodbye and to stay away from boys or he'll come back and hunt them. That made me laugh and we spent the night just talking. I asked him to play a song for me on his guitar. 

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