Short for a reason!


Disarray's POV

"Disarray, I believe you were for me. I know I would have found you somewhere else if this arranged marriage hadn't existed. I would have taken you on dates. Made you fall in love with me. When we would have gotten older, I would have eventually got down on one knew and say 'will you marry me?'"

I started down into his eyes. They were glowing with happiness and I smiled. I covered my mouth with my free hand. I tried to hold back my tears, but failed completely. I couldn't believe he was doing this for me! 

"Of course! Yes! Yes!" I chanted, wiping my eyes.

The ring was absolutely beautiful! It had a simple silver band, but in the middle it had a gorgeous diamond. He stood up and gently placed it in my third finger. 

"Conner, it's so beautiful," I croaked and he grinned at me. "I had a feeling you'd like it, princess." he said after a few seconds. 

I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him tight against me. It was the happiest I've ever been! Five months ago I would have never thought that I would get proposed to anymore. That I would just have to be at the alter and said 'I do'. 

I have been proposed to by the guy I'm in love with–– nothing could top that.

"I love you, Disarray," he whispered against my neck. I pulled back and kissed him lightly. "I love you too, Conner. Thank you so much for this!" I can't describe the strong emotions I am feeling now. 

I went on my toes and planted a kiss on his lips harder. I felt so giddy and started planting kisses all around his face. He let out a chuckle and laid me on the bed. He planted a kiss on the corner of my mouth and grinned.

"I love to see you this happy," he said and I smiled running my hands in his hair. He closed his eyes and nuzzled into my neck. I admired my ring until we both fell asleep.

We both jerked awake when my phone started ringing. We groaned and when I was going to answer, he took it from my hand and answered it himself.

"What?" he snapped and groaned. I let out a smile, closing my eyes wanting to go back to sleep. 

"Okay Farah, I won't yell again," he said rolling his eyes. 

"Oh crap!" I exclaimed and sat up in a jolt. I forgot we were going to the mall. 

I took the phone out of Conner's hand "sorry Farah! I'll have Conner drop me off right now!" I went to the restroom combing my hair and brushed my teeth. I grabbed my purse.

I smiled at Conner who had bed hair. I bit my lip thinking how attractive he is. He smirked at me and opened the door for me. He held my hand and occasionally he would kiss the ring. My emotions would bubble up and I'd let out a huge smile. 

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