Disarray's POV

"Why are so upset for? Aren't you glad your not going to be with your fiancé for a couple of days? OH! Duh! You like him now, that's why you'd rather be back at Florida. Seriously, Dez, I thought you were going to hate each other, well that's what mom said, but still, you two are total opposites," Daniel said rambling. I couldn't not find it a little amusing.

Yeah, Conner and I are total opposites, but we get along very good. I mean, VERY good.

"Whatever, Daniel," I said and closed my eyes. We just got on the plane and I already dread being here. I wish I was at home with Conner. I've gotten so use to Conner doing mostly everything with me. I know a week isn't so long, but it feels long.

I wonder what's Conner is going to do while I'm not there. I suppose he's going to spend most of his time with Valerie and maybe that girl Elaine. Ugh, she irks me. I know she likes Conner and I seriously don't want her to try to get close to him. Even if he can't technically break up with me, I still don't want girls to fool around with him.

Then comes Rebecca. I'm seriously getting really annoyed with her. Somethings up with her and I know it has something to do with Con. She acting like a wholly different person since she met Conner. I hate to admit this, but I know she's interested in him. That just got me mad. She never liked none of my ex boyfriends and why is she crushing on my fiancé? I hope she doesn't try to hook up with him or something.

I snuggle into Conner's sweater. Then I start remembering the kisses we shared. I never got that naked with a boy before till now. I feel so comfortable around him. It's like I'm use to his hands touching me and the feeling of his lips against mine. My body being pressed up against his. His hands resting on my hips. Gosh. I could feel my cheeks turning like cherries.

I took out my phone and I saw all the texts I received.

'Hi Disarray!<3 We should hangout soon!' I don't even know who she is.

'If you evaa wannaa hook upp, hit me upp!' a guy sent. Ugh, I don't even know who he is either.

I read the rest and some were really creepy and stalkerish. I need to get a new number and not give it to people at school. They get so annoying.

* *

We got to my mom's house and she was in her study.

"Hey mom," I said sounding bored. She looked up with a smile.

"I'm glad your finally here, sweetie!" she said and came to give me a hug. I didn't respond, but gave her a smile. I never really spent time with my mom.

"So mom, why did you decide we should spent time together?" 

"Well now that your getting married, I want to spent time with you. 

"Uhm, mom, the wedding isn't for another 4 and a half months, we still have time left. Even afterwards we could still have time together," I said.

"Doesn't matter, I still want to spent time with you before Christmas. You'll be spending this year with the boy. How's it going with him, dear? Not to bad? He doesn't seem like a bad boy, he was just upset that first day."

"It's going good, mom. We're getting to know each other more and we get along good." More then good, I added in my head. His voice sounded so hot when he moaned my name. I blushed lightly.

"Not to make you feel uncomfortable, Disarray, but I do want grandchildren," she said and gave a light laugh. I blushed really red. I almost had sex with Conner today. I think he's going to be my first.

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