bad vibes • xxxᴛᴇɴᴛᴀᴄɪᴏɴ  by xxxtentacionl0ve
bad vibes • xxxᴛᴇɴᴛᴀᴄɪᴏɴ by xxxtentacionl0ve
bad vibes forever in a depressed state while writing this🖤 but all I will say is, love is the hardest thing you can get hit with
  • god
  • mask
  • ski
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【Break Me, Salvage Me】Subaru Sakamaki • Reader (Diabolik Lovers) by Sakamaki_FanFics
【Break Me, Salvage Me】Subaru 【M -P】
(Y/N) was a friend of Yui's, until they split from each other. Yui left to an unknown place, while (Y/N) stayed at home, working the night shift. She supported herself...
  • rose
  • mercy
  • lime
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♢Break The Rules︎♢ [completed]  by -thewaitingroom
♢Break The Rules︎♢ [completed] by disappointment
"i said call me daddy or sir" "and i said how about fuck no" in which luke and ashton are in a bdsm relationship, and luke loves to break the rules. ...
  • ashton
  • rules
  • completed
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Art of Seduction (Davidson Series #2 SAMPLE) by RamenLady
Art of Seduction (Davidson Leila Vy
Highest ranking #70 Romance "If I know what love is, it is because of you." ***** Ian Davidson was involved in a motor vehicle accident in high school, resulti...
  • collegue
  • lover
  • adult
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Don't Leave Me by Veronica_Snow
Don't Leave Meby Veronica Snow
Michael Scofield. Brother is in jail, dad is missing, mom is dead. What's left to lose? Rob a bank, get thrown in jail with his entire chest, back, arms, and legs tattoo...
  • sara
  • break
  • linc
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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey by GladysVanessa
The Guy Who Gave Up His Jerseyby Gladys
For three years, Juliana has seen how her brother and his friends play the game. A game that every girl at Roosevelt High knows about. She has seen how her brother chang...
  • coacn
  • lover
  • coaches
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Contingency {M.Scofield} by HyperactiveSpaz
Contingency {M.Scofield}by Jade
Doctor Sienna Tancredi is sent to an all male maximum security prison to serve 35 years for crimes she did not commit. She needs to figure out why she was framed for the...
  • tancredi
  • drama
  • prison
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Six Words Stories by nightingly
Six Words Storiesby Georgia
200 collections of 6 word phrases Highest rank (May 2017) #145 in Short Story
  • break
  • quotes
  • love
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Laugh Until You Cry by writerbug44
Laugh Until You Cryby Madeline
Stella Wayne is on her way to a bright future. With multiple awards under her belt and the most elite dance school in the country on her transcript, any college would be...
  • break
  • dance
  • writerbug
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Break - Eric Divergent by Mia_Memo14
Break - Eric Divergentby Memo
Melody Eaton is leaving the life of abnegation and her father Marcus behind to start a new better life in Dauntless hopefully with her older brother. Except will it be b...
  • complete
  • divergenteric
  • divergent
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Pandora Hearts x Reader Oneshots by DevilWriter2199
Pandora Hearts x Reader Oneshotsby DevilWriter2199
Just a bunch of Pandora Hearts X Reader oneshots.
  • vessalius
  • reader
  • glen
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Heartbreak and Shit by guill0tine
Heartbreak and Shitby d a y d r e a m e r <3
just random quotes I make when I'm sad and depressed.... Mostly about....heartbreak and, well, shit.
  • pain
  • friends
  • anxiety
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The Wolf In Me by audra4112
The Wolf In Meby suki suki daisuki hime
Charity Ridge is at the bottom of her pack. She was a rogue taken in by an old man who had lost his family. But he died in a accident when Charity was 9 years old. Afte...
  • care
  • pain
  • wattys2018
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That One Spark Original | NALU by AuJiKook
That One Spark Original | NALUby ▪
No one is born bad. They are taught- "Will you forgive me for my faults?" "Life is too short not to forgive your nightmares-"
  • natsu
  • lucy
  • nalu
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The Rare one by kujobrookie
The Rare oneby Brooke Lynn
Delilah Dawn is the omega. Bullied for her late change, not living up to the expectations of the alpha child, not finding a mate. Gale Liam is her main tormentor. Being...
  • romance
  • pack
  • heartbreak
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backwards by FallonDock
backwardsby Fallon Dock
He made me feel alive. He loved me first, but when I loved him back it just all went backwards. A love story that should have been but ended up spiraling out of control.
  • relationship
  • break
  • love
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Break Me, Mate [Extended Sample] by _laciela
Break Me, Mate [Extended Sample]by NIQUE
Alpha Cross of the Macabre Pack was a ruthless killer. He was known for leaving pack after pack in a bloodbath with not a single survivor in sight. A cold blooded killer...
  • strong-female-protagonist
  • romance
  • werewolf
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One And A Quarter Year Agreement (a muslim love story) #Wattys2016 by rosycayote
One And A Quarter Year Agreement ( Fizza Shaikh
#11 in Islam under spiritual (5/1/17) #14 in spiritual (8/2/2016) •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• *EDITING- Please bear with me I...
  • heart
  • spiritual
  • muslim
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The Breakdancing Swan (Miraculous Fanfiction, Breakdance AU) by Gamer_girl_madness
The Breakdancing Swan ( Gamer_girl_madness
Marinette, a dance prodigy, currently attends an academy based on its reputation of exquisite dancers and movers. With perfection in every movement she makes, the girl s...
  • break
  • ladybug
  • adrinette
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Pregnant at 17 by amyhaw
Pregnant at 17by Makayla
Vanessa Williams wasn't expecting to be pregnant with bad boy Gabriel's baby- What would happen to this 17 year old? - will the baby daddy help her? Or will he ditch her...
  • pregnant
  • bad
  • break
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