Flores (Oliver Queen) by Gerlithequeen
Flores (Oliver Queen)by Gerli
Sofia Flores Starling City's favorite Cuban-American billionaire kid but for those who know her she's just a sweetheart with a sharp tongue. Her life went to hell when s...
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  • oliverqueen
  • stephenamell
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Little Bear《Oliver Queen》 by st-lesharry
Little Bear《Oliver Queen》by Skittles
Oliver Queen wasn't alone on the island. A girl was there when he arrived. she had been there her whole life. she never expected to leave. That is until Oliver Queen sh...
  • island
  • fanfiction
  • bear
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Arrow Imagines by ijashanaa
Arrow Imaginesby ✧𝖏𝖆𝖘𝖍𝖆𝖓𝖆✧
A B O U T : ➵ Full Length One-shots - Requests Wide Open like my legs. ➵ Drabbles - Requests Open
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alight | an Arrow fan fiction by moncherarmour
alight | an Arrow fan fictionby Belle
#843 in Fanfiction - October 24th 2017 OLIVER QUEEN, residing Starling City's most eligible bachelor and heartbreaker, has miraculously come back to life. Thought dead m...
  • wattys2018
  • julia
  • roypalmer
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The Night of Revival: The Flash (1) by Book_Lover_37
The Night of Revival: The Flash (1)by BookLover37
"I left Starling to stop being a vigilante." "Then don't be a vigilante, be a hero." Olivia Theresa Wells. Former member of the League of Assassins...
  • vigilante
  • barryallen
  • oliver
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Oliver Wood & the Reluctant Contestant by Bookworm1993
Oliver Wood & the Reluctant Contes...by Bookworm1993
Oliver Wood has gotten tricked by his team mate's on Puddlemere to be on a show much like the Bachelor in the Muggle World. He could care less about it but had signed a...
  • hermione
  • potter
  • harry
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Always on my mind ~ Barry Allen by SuperHopelessFangirl
Always on my mind ~ Barry Allenby Maggie Lee
Iris West and Barry Allen had a friend named Angela Timko. They were three peas in a pod. Angela was your average happy little girl with a single mom and two best friend...
  • love
  • cisco
  • caitlin
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The Search Of Cristian ✔ by SerendipityD
The Search Of Cristian ✔by June D. Silver
|| Second Book! Can not be read as a stand-alone || Read The Secrets Of Finnley first! "Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire." ...
  • oliver
  • bestfriends
  • lgbt
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The Struggle For Love ✔ by SerendipityD
The Struggle For Love ✔by June D. Silver
- Third book - Cannot be read as a stand-alone! Read The Secrets Of Finnley first! "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." Two years aft...
  • friendship
  • teenfiction
  • mystery
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harry potter | gif + wwyd series.  by -CHAEWONANDONLY
harry potter | gif + wwyd series. by ━━ this is eclipse.
"after all this time?" "always." ━━ in which i add harry potter gifs and make up a small story related to them. + [1o.22.2o18] in which i also make u...
  • george
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falke [sara lance] by ayrpluto72
falke [sara lance]by Kirsty
A sudden loss changed their lives forever. Little did they know, something much more shocking was coming. [sequel to falcon][sara lance x oc]
  • canary
  • saralance
  • lance
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falcon [sara lance] by ayrpluto72
falcon [sara lance]by Kirsty
She couldn't save her sister. But she sure as hell will save her, in more ways than one. [sara lance x oc] [ranked #1 in saralance 11/05/18]
  • ray
  • supergirl
  • flash
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Call Me Kara! by ShubhamKrSingh0109
Call Me Kara!by Shubham kumar singh
Betrayed by her own world and left for dead an old friend arrives to save Kara from death. Deciding she has had enough of risking her life for others, Kara starts a bran...
  • justiceleague
  • supergirl
  • karry
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A New Run (ARROW+FLASH+GLEE) by ItsRainingWhales
A New Run (ARROW+FLASH+GLEE)by Flashy Whale
This is a fanfic crossover of CW's Arrow and Flash, and Fox's Glee. I do not own any of the characters, of course. WARNING: this story contains spolier, on season 4 of...
  • barryallen
  • grantgustin
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And I'll call you by mine (CMBYN 3) by Tigresaurio
And I'll call you by mine (CMBYN 3)by Rocío Tigre
Esta historia transcurre cinco años más tarde de lo acontecido en 'Cor Cordium'. Elio y Oliver han rehecho sus vidas después de la tormentosa carta que dio final a 'Cor...
  • sequel
  • fanfic
  • elio
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Lovin the danger♢Henry Danger X Reader♢ by SwagMastaSuga
Lovin the danger♢Henry Danger X Re...by Naila
Y/N Manchester was Ray's daughter,She also a hero in disquise,One day Ray A.K.A capt.man needs her for a while,he sends her to Swellview and bring her to every one of Ra...
  • danger
  • henry
  • xreader
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The Bad Boy Owes Me Food by Nutellasparty
The Bad Boy Owes Me Foodby x.Alexandra.x
Imagine this: You have a weird dream about a boy named Elijah R. Michaels, and you're surprised because you never really talk to a boy. Never mind a hot one. But do you...
  • projectgiggle
  • mavis
  • humour
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snapchat ; elio and oliver ( call me by your name. ) by -leodicaprio
snapchat ; elio and oliver ( call...by — ❝ izzy ❞
❝ eliopearlman2001: maybestoned? whats your name? maybestoned: oliver, elio.❞ OR in which modern day elio and oliver fall in love over a social media app.
  • elio
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Social | GOLDEN TRIO ERA | 1 by lxmos_nox
Social | GOLDEN TRIO ERA | 1by Maddie 💕✨
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Harry Potter GIF Imagines {Completed} by WarriorDarkTail
Harry Potter GIF Imagines {Complet...by WarriorDarkTail
Boys: • Harry Potter • Ron Weasley • George Weasley • Fred Weasley • Draco Malfoy • Cedric Diggory • Neville Longbottom • The Marauders • Tom Riddle • Oliver Wood Girl...
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