Conner's POV

I got nervous.

I fucking like her.

I can't, but I do.

She took a nap after we almost had sex. I couldn't sleep. I wide awake now.

I look at her. She looked so beautiful. Her blonde hair was messy around her face. She had her arm laying on me. I mean, how could I not like her? She's funny, cute, amazing. So many things about her that make me want her. Oliver's right...I guess I was in denial, but I don't love her. I can't love her. I like her, yeah, but I can't love her. I've known her over a month, I can't love her that fast.

I stayed with her until I had to get ready. I pushed away from her reluctantly and went to take a shower. I changed into some black jeans and converse. I put my favorite Alesana shirt on and went back into my room. I got my wallet, phone and keys and turned to Disarray. She was awake and watching me. I haven't even noticed.

"You're leaving already?" she whined and her blue eyes looked sad. I laughed and went to her.

"Yeah, I'll be back at 10," I said and gave her a quick kiss. She gave me a pout and I smiled at her. Fuck, I like her a way too much.

"Please be careful, Disarray. If there's anything, you just call me, or just go to Hottopic, alright?" I demanded.

"Yes yes yes," she said and rolled her eyes.

"'Kay then, see you later," I said and gave her one last look. Her blue eyes were sad and I sighed. I leaned in and gave her a kiss. She wrapped her arms around me and crushed herself on me. I laid her below me and kept kissing her. I felt her hands on the edge of my shirt and I gave her one last kiss and pulled away.

"Disarray, I gotta work," I whined and she pouted again.

"Okay… I'll see you later," she said and I nodded and left. I went down to my Range Rover and left.

I got to the mall and I still got a lot of looks. The weird things was that girls actually looked like they were checking me out and that was awkward.
I'm use to preps giving me disgusted looks and instead it looked like they want to eat me.

I got to Hottopic and I was 10 minutes early so this should be a good start.

I walked into the store and Kyle was there. He turned to look at me and he grinned.

"Hey man," he said.
"Hey," I said and I grinned.

"Okay, well, since you're beginning, you can go around and organize the shirts and all that shit, and when you're done, I'll show you how to use this cashier," he said and I nodded. He handed my name tag which said Conner. I bought an Alesana lanyard and put it around my neck. Then he gave me a key for the fitting rooms and I attached it to it.

I went organizing the shirts and I would have conversations with Kyle. Then this chick came. She was the manager. She had greaser hair and piercings. She had her sleeves done which were pretty fucking awesome.

"So, your Conner right?" she asked.
"Yup," I said and she grinned.

"I'm Tessa, call me Tess and I'm your boss," she said and laughed. Kyle laughed and rolled his eyes.

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