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(Chapter3) Conner's POV

The plane started moving and I was clam, it was going to be a long flight. I looked out the window and started getting sad. I didn't want to leave California. I've been here since I was born, and I didn't like the weather in Florida, it's going to be extremely hot. The beach should be nice though. There were tons of beaches here in California, I didn't go to them a lot.

"Please turn off any electronics off please," The flight attendant said. I nodded and turn my phone off. Disarray was doing the same.

I started getting bored and started clipping the black nail polish off my fingers nails. When i finished taking off all the nail polish from my finger nails; I was still bored. Then 10 minutes later we were flying. I liked the view out of the plane. The clouds and how small the land looks under you. I started falling asleep when a thought came to me. When is the wedding. I was nervous. Please let it not be close.

I turned to Disarray and she was looking at me. I didn't notice.

"Can I ask you something?" I said.

"You already are," She said rolling her eyes.

"Umm.. when's the...... wedding?" I said the last word in a rush.

"5 months," She whispered.

5 months?! WTF.WTF.WTF.

I'm seriously too young to get married. I can't believe this is happening. I turned away from her, in shock. I put my head in my hands. I could feel her gaze.

How can I go through this? I don't love her. And she doesn't love me. Why did my parents have to torture me for their mistakes!

Then I started getting a headache. I groaned out loud. I pulled up and looked out the window. I kept going away from where I wanted to be. I closed the window. I was suddenly exhausted. I went to sleep.

"Conner, wake up," I heard a ringing voice say. It's just Disarray.

I sat up quick and looked around. I realized I was still in the jet. I turned to see Disarray giving me a confused look.


"Um.. Nothing," She said looking away, slightly irritated.

"What are you hiding?"


"Tell me, Princess."

"You talked in your sleep, and I had to wake you up because it sounded like you were having a nightmare," She said, uncomfortable. Slightly annoyed.


"You said something."

"And what did I say?" Ugh, why would she just tell me?

"You said, 'My dad is a retard' then a couple of minutes later you said, 'My dad is a idiot' then minutes later you said, 'My life is fucking ruined'," She said. That's all? Usually I curse my dad out more.

"Oh, that's all?" I said.

"Was there suppose to be more?"

"Usually every time I sleep, I non-stop talk about the hatred I have towards my father," I whispered. I hated my dad so much.

She didn't respond and just went into space.

I was still mad about having to go to Florida. Its going to be way to hot. I barely could stand the heat in California. We will get to Florida about 8-9 hours. Ugh. I'm so bored.

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