“Daniel, I’m not going to let you drive!” I snapped when I put my bags in the back of my range rover. He groaned and went to sit I in the back. Does he really miss Alex that much? He’s been bugging me for the last 10 minutes for my keys.

“Stop being such a girl, Daniel. You’ll see her soon enough,” Disarray said, putting her purse in the front. I went into the house and made sure all the doors were locked. I finally went into the car and started driving to the airport.

We just stayed silent the whole drive there. I just kept hold on Disarray’s hand. After security and crap, we got into the jet and Disarray fell asleep immediately. Daniel was just hearing music and looking out the window.

It was a six-hour flight to California and I started getting nervous. I didn’t want to see my dad, even in the deep end of my mind, I’m grateful for his mistake because I’m crazy in love with Disarray now. I’d probably not to talk to him as much, but Disarray is going to make me. She told me she wanted me to bond with my dad more.

I was not use to the 3 hour time change so when we got to California, the sun was barely starting to rise. I slept a couple of hours. Daniel and Disarray practically slept the whole flight. I swear if Disarray were older, she’d be his twin. They have the same facial expression when they sleep and when they get annoyed.

“Daniel!” I started saying, I knew he’d be happy that we were here. I talked to Alexandria and she was going to drive my mom’s car here. I told her just to let my mom drive, but she’s stubborn. I knew she’d be okay, but I’ll be driving back home. Well first to a hotel, I didn’t want to stay at my house. I’ll feel too crowded. Plus, Daniel needed to be in a hotel too.

We got to the airport and went to collect our bags. Right when we got out of the gate, Alexandria was sitting there waiting.

“Alex!!!!!” I heard Daniel shout behind me; making me and Disarray flinch. Alexandria looked up and blasted out a huge smile towards Daniel. Aww, shit! I do not want to see their reunion.

Daniel went to her and grabbed her in a tight hug, lifting her off the floor.

“Awwwwww,” I heard Disarray whisper behind me. I rolled my eyes.

“Hey guys!” Alexandria said and hugged me and then went to Disarray.

“Alright, give me the keys,” I said and let out my hand. Alex groaned and gave them to me and went right next to Daniels side.

“Stop making that face at them, Conner. They’re just happy to see each other,” Disarray said and we started walking towards the parking lot. We got to my mom’s SUV and packed everything in.

It felt so strange driving in these familiar streets. I didn’t think I’d be back here so soon. There are only 2 and half months till the wedding. I had Disarray’s engagement ring in my pocket and I finally decided to give it to her tomorrow. I already had a date planned out in my head.

“Everything is going to be alright sweetie,” Disarray said as I drove to a hotel.

“I guess….” I said and frowned. We finally got to a hotel. I asked for a room for Disarray and I. Daniel got himself one. We got room right next to each other. I wasn’t so glad about having Alexandria going into Daniel’s room alone but we were about to leave to my mom’s house.

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