(COMPLETED) Da prettiest Erster (Racetrack x Reader)  by Drama-freak
(COMPLETED) Da prettiest Erster (R...by General Trash
You work at Tibby's as a waiter. You are well acquainted with the newsies and their flirting antics, but one newsie seems to stick out the most. Racetrack. But with a ov...
  • newsiefanfiction
  • newsie
  • broadway
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The Bad Boy kissed Me  by toxic_girl2002
The Bad Boy kissed Me by I'm amazing
Xena deli is california's badass She causes havoc everywhere She's a party animal but what happens when one day she's gets kicked out of her 23rd school and her parent...
  • badboy
  • race
  • drinking
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I stole the gang leaders phone  by toxic_girl2002
I stole the gang leaders phone by I'm amazing
Luna martines Abandoned at the age of 3 and was left at the doorstep of an orphanage Growing up for her was difficult House from house States from state But when she...
  • kidnap
  • teenfiction
  • abuse
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The Bad Boy Next Door (Completed)  by toxic_girl2002
The Bad Boy Next Door (Completed) by I'm amazing
Avery quinton, a bad girl that got in trouble, got dettention and didn't give a fuck about anything But they didn't know she's a gang leader and not just of any gang. T...
  • drinking
  • fight
  • romance
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Newsie One-shots by CalumandNewsielover
Newsie One-shotsby Abby Hood ;)
These are newsie one-shots! If you want one then I will make you one! Just comment and vote! **Requests are closed**
  • snitch
  • skittery
  • pie-eater
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Attaining The Unattainable  by Ebony_Princess
Attaining The Unattainable by Renique Nelson
Happiness. The one human desire that everyone wishes to accomplish. As a child, it comes naturally but as a teen you have to work for it, and work even harder to keep it...
  • finding
  • bwwm
  • yourself
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WORTHY ⌊ Mature ⌉  by kynwrites
WORTHY ⌊ Mature ⌉ by ᴋʏɴ
"no matter the struggle, you are worthy." - UNKNOWN.
  • urbanliterature
  • racsim
  • lies
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Total Drama X Reader One shots by wolfchibi27
Total Drama X Reader One shotsby wolfchibi27
Reader x total drama contestants from all seasons yay!!
  • humour
  • totaldramaallstars
  • totaldramaworldtour
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Claimed  by Queen_Zodiac_
Claimed by Sarah Adel 👑
" Aubrianna, let's go there. Please! It will be so much fun, " said my best friend, Grace Harrison. " I know it is fun, but it is not safe, " I said...
  • passion
  • astraawards2017romance
  • love
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Protecting the bad boy  by toxic_girl2002
Protecting the bad boy by I'm amazing
Alex Brooks and before you might ask. No alex is not a boy she's a girl. And the baddest one of them all No she's not an FBI agent or she doesn't work for the CIA or s...
  • fiction
  • drugs
  • party
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The Dream After Santa Fe-- a Jack/Davey Newsies Fanfic by Hamiltrash3
The Dream After Santa Fe-- a Jack...by Hamiltrash3
After "Newsies" ends and Jack decides to stay, Davey is left with a major crush on the 17-year old strike leader, but doesn't act on it, due to Jack's involvem...
  • wattys2018
  • newsies
  • daveyjacobs
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Ride Or Die by BrunetteMarionette
Ride Or Dieby BrunetteMarionette
Rosalie Toretto is the youngest member of the Toretto clan at the age of 17, Rosalie is very much a 'Daddy's Girl' when it came to Dom even though he's not her father he...
  • mia
  • rosalie
  • fast
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Blurring Scars by AmeliaGreyson
Blurring Scarsby Madison Amelia Greyson
"Our demons will chase us into the grave. They always do." "There are no guardian angel's where you're from." *** You can't change the past. I wish...
  • betrayal
  • love
  • assasin
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A Devil's Love by KimberlyDhillon
A Devil's Loveby Kimberly
Many people say not to enter the north part of town; they say the devil lives there. Ashton Grey is known for his cold and emotionless exterior. Rumours state he is self...
  • story
  • innocent
  • tattoo
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The High School Experience (BWWM) by Rachelcoolkid
The High School Experience (BWWM)by Rachel Palmer
I walked to where Autumn was sitting and sat next to her. "Thanks by the way for what you did on Friday," Autumn whispered to me. "No problem, you're wort...
  • fame
  • autumn
  • drama
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kidnapped by the alpha by toxic_girl2002
kidnapped by the alphaby I'm amazing
Usually when you are kidnapped you panic and start freaking out. Especially when you are a wolf with no pack and no parents when 19 year old madison lacey de luca was k...
  • romance
  • badgirl
  • drugs
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Drag Queen Preferences by thecandycayne
Drag Queen Preferencesby caroline
Gender neutral reader Queens featured: Aja, Adore Delano, Aquaria, Blair st Clair, Kameron Michaels, Katya Zamolodchikova, Miz Cracker, Sharon Needles and Trixie Mattel.
  • race
  • kameronmichaels
  • rpdr
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Clichè (Aquaria and Miz Cracker Fanfic) by LadyBerry01
Clichè (Aquaria and Miz Cracker Fa...by ♏️❤️NoDramaLlama❤️♎️
After winning rupaul's Drag race, Aquaria felt so good but not completed. After the finale she noticed something wrong with cracker. She had feelings for the older que...
  • dragrace
  • crazyex
  • rupauldragrace
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Newsies Preferences (SLOW UPDATES) by GirlMeetsTMNT
Newsies Preferences (SLOW UPDATES)by ➳Ally-Bean➳
Title states all!! (Cover Cred To: Kathryn LeTran, @ellubient) Jack Kelly Davey (David) Race (Racetrack) Spot Crutchie Blink (Kid Blink) These Preferences are all connec...
  • seizetheday
  • david
  • news
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Remedy Love. by AliceChedrewih
Remedy Love.by Alice Chedrewih
One day, that's all it takes. One day can change your life upside down. Good day or a bad day, both can destroy it. Hopefully you think about it. Emma Jones, 21 years ol...
  • jinx
  • caution
  • formulaaones
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