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(Chapter5) Conner's POV

She drove about 20 minutes and then spotted a huge indoor school. It was HUGE! It was the color bash. It looked expensive.

"Its ginormous!" I exclaimed. My high school back at home was probably considered a pre school! This school looked like a college.

"I know." She rolled her eyes.

Even though the school didn't look bad. I was still upset about going. I didn't even have friends and I'm sure Disarray wouldn't want be with me. I'll ruin her reputation. I wish Oliver and Farah were here, so I didn't have to be so alone. Even though being with Disarray wasn't so bad, I still felt kind of lonely. I wanted to be with my friends. I'm starting to get home sick. Great.

"So... Is there a gym near by the house?" I asked. I wanted to go to the gym. It was kind of a routine to go at midnight. Sometimes I would be to lazy.

"Yeah, want me to take you?" she asked making a illegal U turn. I smiled. I didn't think girls like her would break the rules.

"Please, Princess."

She drove about 15 minutes and entered a big 24 hour fitness. Yes!

We got out and walked to the entrance. And of - of course - she immediately got attention. Who wouldn't want to look at her though, she gorgeous, I thought to myself. A guy was checking her ass out and I gave him a glare. Why was I mad? Ugh.

"Hello, how may I help you?" the attendant asked.

"I would like to get a membership please," I said politely.

She gave me a paper to fill out and I sat down and Disarray sat next to me watching me write.

Name: Conner Ethan Castro

DOB: February 7, 1992

Blah Blah Blah....

"Thank you," the attendant said.

She was putting the information in the computer and asked me to go get a picture for my membership. I didn't smile.

I took the picture and waited for about 10 minutes for the membership card.

"Thanks," I said to Disarray as we went to her car. She smiled.

"Was there any other place you want to go to?" she asked.

"No thanks," I said and she nodded and headed back home.

We entered the garage and started taking out the bags. I took them up my room and she followed me. I went to put the bags on my bed and handed her, her things. She smiled and headed towards her room. I went to the closet and put my new clothes away I shrugged off my clothes only leaving me on my checkered boxers. I went to my bed and I realized I didn't give Disarray her Burberry perfume.

I went to her room and she was in a Hello Kitty shirt I bought her and only her underwear, she was looking at herself in a mirror. Desire swept through me, but I contained it before I ran over there and kissed her like a wild monkey.

"Here's your perfume," I told as I set it on her counter. She looked at me wide eyes and her cheeks flushed. Adorable! Too... adorable! Arrghh!

I shrugged, - acting indifferent - so she couldn't tell I found her extremely attractive. She was more attractive then any other girl I've seen. I went to my room and looked through my phone. I smiled at the picture of me and Disarray. I had 2 miss calls. One from my mom and other from Oliver.

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