The Day We Met Was The Day I Fell For You ♥Tom Felton♥ by MyNarnia27
The Day We Met Was The Day I Bethany Taylor
Cassie had her normal life flipped upside down one day at a theme park where her and her two friends ran into three Harry Potter Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, a...
  • malfoy
  • draco
  • emma
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Because I Know There's No Life After You ♥Tom Felton♥ by MyNarnia27
Because I Know There's No Life Bethany Taylor
Cassie Dean is one of the luckiest girls alive to be marrying her best friend and love, and the fact that that just happens to be Tom Felton is only a plus. Her life is...
  • tom
  • watson
  • emma
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My one and only(Robert Pattinson) by girlywirly3
My one and only(Robert Pattinson)by girlywirly3
This is about a girl named Debby who lived in Africa and always dreamt of being an actress, her dreams finally came through when she found a way to act in a movie named...
  • stewart
  • kirsten
  • pattinson
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Heaven Sent (Robert Pattinson Fanfic) by LiveShining
Heaven Sent (Robert Pattinson LiveShining
After years of suffering at the hands of her husband, Elaine Waters has an opportunity to start a new life. Five years later, (still in hiding) Elaine finds herself liv...
  • robertpattinson
  • flee
  • safehaven
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Love Me Like I Love You (Jakeward) by SmartCookies1
Love Me Like I Love You (Jakeward)by SmartCookies1
You know how you see some couples out on the streets being cute and all... well not all couples are like that. Jake and Edward run into some issues. Either Jake is hurt...
  • werewolf
  • fanfic
  • lgbtq
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Section Love by EeshalAftab
Section Loveby Savage Eeshu
" I, Alpha Baccus of Moon Shadow Pack reject Taylor Avalounge as my mate and future Luna of this pack!" my mate bellowed. A strong pain pierced through my ches...
  • gomez
  • pack
  • lachowski
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