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Getting To Know The Future by mnn_mnn_mnn
Getting To Know The Futureby Cale Hermoso
[DISCONTINUED] <The Birth of Hero> people reacts to the WIKI of the people of <Lout of Count's Family> Date posted: March 23, 2022 Language: English Status:...
Out of love (Completed) by 1800-SIMP
Out of love (Completed)by 𝙺.
Warning : this was the first book ever written by me. It was made a while ago so don't expect a great read. "I'm very interested in you, Ms. pines." Sabrina pi...
The Boss Lady's Man by CaitlynRachelC
The Boss Lady's Manby Caitlyn Coker
"Look, Toni. Not everyone who comes into your life is there just to use you. Some people are there because they really do care about you" Erik's calmed voice o...
Just a little bit psycho (Completed) by 1800-SIMP
Just a little bit psycho ( 𝙺.
"Darling,I would never hurt you. I love you. Everything I've done is for you" ----------------- Isabella Miller, typical nice girl in college to become a docto...
Alpha mate? Check. Cocky, arrogant and a teaser? Check. by IsaBellsAreRinging
Alpha mate? Check. Cocky, IsaBellsAreRinging
Arianna Wilson lost her parents almost six months ago in a car-accident. After that, she never left her room and never talked to anyone. A few months later, her grandpar...
Is he the one? (Kian Lawley) by user83656628
Is he the one? (Kian Lawley)by KianLawley
you're a new youtuber that has recently moved from a small town to LA. you meet this guy named kian at your friend franny's house. what happens next is... Characters: y...
Lets Just Say..... I Was Not Expecting This by BUBSTER_Na_Na_
Lets Just Say..... I Was Not Savannah
I was not expecting to turn into werewolf on my 16th birthday, definitely not expecting the word Mate to be real and very legit and like the god damn cherry on top my p...
Till the Break of Dawn by michaeljackson_love
Till the Break of Dawnby Maria Jackson
Michael Jackson, the handsome, well known King of Pop, is lonely, empty, and curious to find love. In fear of another devastating heartbreak, he is hesistant of opening...
Finish The Unfinished ✔ by JannatulMauaPinky
Finish The Unfinished ✔by Jannatul Maua Pinky
#47 in realization 04/01/2019 do you know what love gives? pain.....pain.......pain...and pain. everything seems so be alright .calm. but no.nothing is alright. how d...
A Special Someone - Felicia The Cat x Male Reader (Part 1) by YandereStation
A Special Someone - Felicia The TeeksYandereLove
This story takes place on Earth in the darkstalkers universe. Nothing is really in danger as everyone is living normal lives. As you were laying in your bed, you were lo...
The Legends by randomslasher
The Legendsby Natalie Nhova
For eons and eons The two Kingdoms have been at war. Blood being sacrificed families losing each. Friends losing each other. Losing those close to their hearts and their...
Baby?! //Jungkook and Taehyung ff// by maknae_whores
Baby?! //Jungkook and Taehyung ff//by 𝔎𝔶𝔲𝔫𝔤-𝔐𝔦-𝔖𝔬𝔣𝔦𝔢
~Jungkook and Y/n Are in a relationship and their anniversariy is coming soon but with Taehyung around will their relationship last?~●•●
DARK TIMES  by SuperNyabingy
DARK TIMES by SuperNyabingy
Kara sent Monel away in a pod to save his life . She is very sad and Lena tries to comfort her but kara lashes out and exposed her secret. What will happen next ?
Drug addiction. by GannaHany0
Drug Ganna Hany
This story talks about how my family got me to this bad drug addiction. It talks about a 17 years old girl changes to a bad one...
Merlin | WTS by storyCreator3
Merlin | WTSby h e l l o
this book will be about them reacting to merlin episodes. I have seen people do this before but I do not know the original, I only wanted to do one myself. I will start...
Oikawa x Hinata                (One shot)  by ignorethisacc_
Oikawa x Hinata ( Mimí
Hinata is running late to school for the first time in forever. What will his team think when he comes into the gym with another teams jacket? (I do not own any of the c...
Embarrassing Moments  by Harmony78k5
Embarrassing Moments by Harmony78k5
What happens when the cute, innocent Midoriya Izuku is left alone with the one and only number two hero, Hawks. All because of Endeavor. Both deciding that they want to...
Edge of Reasons. by VainAndInsane
Edge of VainAndInsane
(Earlier know as- Love Has a price!) ''Try not to fall for me.'' Ian smirked at me,his trademark smirk, ''I would rather fall in the gutter than for for you,'' I retort...